"A Constitution of Government once changed
from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."

John Adams

Martial law has been declared!

Whether it was declared due to civil unrest, over the threat of foreign invasion, or because of economic collapse, no longer matters.

All that matters now is survival!

Ordered to stay in your home until the Collection Squads come to take you ?

The people who resist are being shot in the streets.
What do you do?

Do you go willingly to the "safe camps", or do you rebel?

You hear about other people escaping the city to the wilderness.

Do you join them? Or do you hide out in the city scavenging for food?

Do you end up starving in the "safe camps" with the other citizens, herded like cattle, or do you join the militias fighting the tyranny?

Do you strike out on your own and use the elements to your advantage?

Perhaps you meet others, but who can you trust?

A person with an open hand often hides a dagger in the other, but it takes cooperation to survive in the wilderness. Are you strong enough to survive the ravages of nature? Can you avoid the death squads?

What is Martial Law?

Martial Law can be an open world survival game based on the idea of a tyrannous government stripping the rights and freedoms away from the people and the struggle of the people to restore and rebuild there country, or Martial Law can be an open world survival game based on the idea of a government faced with economic collapse and the threat of a foreign invasion forcing them to take drastic measures to protect the people ,but Martial Law can be much more as I am giving the power to players to decide what Martial Law is for them.

With the level editor you can mold Martial Law to fit your style and be the game that you want it to be.

    •Level Editor






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Steam Greenlit!!

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This game has been Greenlit on Steam and I am in the process of getting every thing set up so that I can start giving away some FREE game keys.

What does this mean for the game?

It does not mean that this game is a success. Getting Greenlit by steam is only a great opportunity to present my dreams to the public. The success will depend on my efforts and willingness to listen to the community about it and how far you guys are willing to push me to get it RIGHT!

I will be running a small private release very soon. I was already in the process of getting a multyplayer alpha going when I got the news from Steam. After receiving the news I have decide to move the alpha test over to Steam and give out keys to the game from Steam for the test.

Join My Steam Alpha Group <----

What am I trying to do with Martial Law?

My idea for this game from concept was to make it with the community in mind. I want this game to be a hallmark of what developers can do if they take the time to listen, respond and actually play the game with the community they are making it for. I am not making this game for myself I am making it for the player. I have my own ideas of how I want Martial Law to play, of the features I feel need to be in the game and of the options I want to be able to take advantage of as a player, but I except the fact that my ideas may not be the ones the community wants and that the community may have many more and much better ideas then mine.

I have many ideas for this newer style of game and from what I have witnessed as a gamer many developers fall to greed putting the gamers in positions that in order to level the playing field they must invest more and more money. I will not be doing that with Martial Law.

My ideal game play for this genre of game is in a crumbling world where you are faced with tough choices to ensure your survival. A world set in a realistic and probable scenario, but this game can be much more as I am giving the decisions of what Martial Law is to the players.

When you create your server you will be able to choose what kind of enemies you are pitted against. What the players of your server will start with. What weapons and items you will allow to spawn in to your server.

In short I am trying to make Martial Law for the player and not the developer and want this game to be an outstanding representation of the community that plays it.

Facebook Page <-- To the fan page

Am I going to make a bunch of money from this?

I have been asked this question a few times over the last year and a half. My response has always been I don't know it depends on how good of a job I do on it and how the community takes the game.

Of course developers want to get paid for their work and I believe we all think they should as long as they put the work in to it.

I think it is sad watching some games have a giant start gaining hundreds of thousands of fans and then take immoral actions to try to drain more hard earned money from them.

I will be doing giveaways on Youtube to the people that are actively involved in the discussion videos about improving the game. This will not be based on owning or loving the game it will be based on the involvement with its continued improvement so that we can all make this game stand out from the rest.

I will be posting more about this and in more detail of how it will work.

YouTube <--- Martial Law YouTube Page

In short I want this game to be successful and stand out. I know that this is not possible with out the help of you the community. I feel very strongly that a community that stands behind a game should be rewarded and praised. I plan to do every thing in my power to do just that.

Thank you all so much that have already been behind me pushing me ahead. I could never of gotten this far with out you all and I will not forget that! I can't wait to see you all in game.


Alpha Test & Steam Community Group

Alpha Test & Steam Community Group


I have just completed the first test on an early Alpha build of the game. Every thing went good and I found a few things I need to fix but it is getting...

Big Update Soon!

Big Update Soon!


I am getting ready to start posting some new videos and screenshots of all of the updates I have done on Martial Law and getting ready to upload a new...


Like DayZ So instead of zombies we have AI USA corrupted soldiers. Sounds pretty neat.

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