Hello and welcome to the Kwarn page.

I present you our last game : K.A.T. Kwarn Armada tactics. A RTS sci-fi game. This is just an alpha and we work hard to make a good demo with a robust engine. The way is still long before having a full game... but there is the presentation. Fill free to give to us your opinion. It is very important for us !
We are 3 to work on this game : A developper, an artist and a tester/community manager.

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

Kwarn Armada Tactic (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game that puts you at the head of an armada of drones. Deploy drones cleverly on the ground to increase their power. Deploy them in formation to break the enemy lines, surprise the enemy or counter its assaults. Unleash your General's special powers to reverse the course of the battle.
Somewhere between Real Time Strategy and Chess, K.A.T. will put to the test your tactical sense and speed of reflection !

In a few words :

  • A tactical and fast gameplay you've never seen before !
    [*]27 different drones with 10 levels of upgrade !
    [*]13 unique generals with 18 levels of upgrade !
    [*]36 powers to reverse the course of battle !
    [*]A replayable campaign mode !
    [*]8 types of game !
    [*]An advanced and daunting AI with 4 levels of difficulty!
    [*]A 2-player mode on the same screen !

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While the Stellar Empire has established itself throughout the galaxy, it seems that it can no longer extend without growing weaker. Although no civilization can compete in power and strength with the stellar armies, many worlds on the periphery of the Empire secede and warlike acts are always more frequent.

After the ultimatum of Archi-Kingdom Krang, a former imperial province, Emperor Aldebaran IV appointed General Reese Sanders to lead an expeditionary force of combat drones to reduce the blockade cutting imperial iridium convoys.

The Sanders mission is crucial: without these iridium convoys, the Empire will not be able to finalize the Atlas Gates project, gigantic teleport portals that can instantly transport the equivalent of a planet anywhere, using a dimension unknown until then : the flow. Thanks to the Atlas Gates and the flow, the Empire can intervene at any point of the galaxy while continuing to expand, in search of new materials and new allies.

And time is short because the Imperial General Staff has detected a colossal source of inter-dimensional energy approaching Andromeda. A force capable of annihilating the Empire ... The entity that created the flow wakes up gently : its trap snaps shut ... matter comes to it and it will be able to feast on it as in the past. The Kwarn is gathering its forces, lurking in the void and waiting for the opening of the next dimensional portal to spread in the dimension of light.

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Stay tuned...

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container tittle

In Kwarn Armada tactics, there are 2 types of drones: the offensive drones and the containers. The offensive drones can support themselves mutually and so increase their power. The drone "container" has for main purpose to embark drones of fight to land them later.

#efefef none repeat scroll 0% 0%;">A container cannot embark another container.

The container lands drones in 2 cases:
- when it is destroyed by a collision or a shooting
- when it comes in the enemy zone of deployment

The container is practical to send a big formation of drone between the enemy lines. It is also very interesting when it is used as a ram to destroy a powerful drone.

Finally, by hiding a formation in a container, you prevent the opponent from knowing your game. You can thus take him by surprise.

To use the container, begin by placing drones on the ground but without validating their position.

container 2

Then take a container and arrange it to include the drones which you wish to embark.

container 3

container 4

Here we are, you can send your container to the fight.

Last trick, if you wish to embark validated drones, you just have to select them then to place the container to include them. You can so keep a defensive position and send your container to the fight.

Here is the video which shows you the use of the container in game.

See you soon with our first demo !

Kwarn Armada Tactics: presentation

Kwarn Armada Tactics: presentation


K.A.T is a game of real time strategy in a futuristic universe. Your main purposes are to destroy the armada of the opponent, to make most damage for...

K.A.T : Kwarn Armada Tactics

K.A.T : Kwarn Armada Tactics


In K.A.T, It is important to choose the best general according to your gameplay style. Ashely wards is for the player who love to have more drones in...

3dlight-studio Creator

Now you can play Kwarn Armada Tactics with this demo :

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3dlight-studio Creator

We start a thunderclap campaign. If you want to support us, here is the link of the campaign :
Help us to spread the word ;)

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3dlight-studio Creator

Here is the public demo on itch.io. We want to know your feeling on our game ! So please comment on itch ;) Thank you !


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3dlight-studio Creator

The demo is available. Just one note : In this demo you can choose for a drone a light or heavy variant. This is just for this demo. In the final game, the variant appears when your general is on a certain level of XP and must be buy.

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3dlight-studio Creator

Hi, the first demo with all the gameplay, but not all the equipments or generals, will be finish at the end of this month. ;)

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3dlight-studio Creator

We prepare a demo. To participate, you have just to become a watcher. see you soon for our first demo !

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