This is a quirky adventure game involving elves, zombies, a chessboard, Mittens, a zoo, a flying city, a moonbase, a time machine, and numerous other odds and ends. In the midst of all this chaos, can you stop the evil villain's plans before new year? This unique game was written for a contest that suggested you pick one out of a couple dozen topics, by picking all listed topics at the same time.

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Summer Shards by Crystal Shard continues! This weekend's game is Infinite Monkeys.

Written early in our design, we're re-releasing it (for free) so it works better on newer systems. In its retro style, the game is light on plot and heavy on puzzles; but hey, at least there are no dead ends! Check it out here:

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Infinite Monkeys (Windows)

Infinite Monkeys (Windows)

Full Version

Infinite Monkeys: full version 1.3. Windows installer.

Infinite Monkeys (Linux)

Infinite Monkeys (Linux)

Full Version

This is the full version for Linux 1.3, packaged as zip file.

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