The Supreme Council of the Colony p-9174 wishes to inform you that your crimes have been analyzed and classified as "crimes of a violent nature". The Court has nobly decided to allow you the opportunity to choose a punishment from the list below:

1. Participation in the entertainment show "Half Dead", which allows the possibility of a punishment exemption.
2. Due process capital punishment.

We would like to remind you that the Council respects the rights of its citizens. Therefore, choose the penalty that conforms to your political conventions and religious beliefs. Your decision will be accepted without delay.

Extra information about the "Half Dead" program and exemption conditions:

The show takes place in a facility composed of a network of rooms. Some are empty. Others, however, contain objects of perilous nature. Your goal is to locate the exit and escape from the complex.

Win the game and you'll win your freedom.

Participation in the Half Dead Program is an opportunity to serve your country. All the proceeds earned by the show will be used to support our democracy and fight the insolent rebels who threaten our system.

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In the distant future, the prison system has been full privatized. Citizens are no longer interested in spending their hard earned credits on the sludge of existence. They want a different solution, they want a faster, more “efficient” solution. Capital punishment becomes the norm, swift death for those who infringe on the system in even the slightest.

HalfDead electric trap

Yet, there are some that claim this process is inhumane. How can both fiscal efficiency and humane justice be achieved at the same time? In a dark recess of a corporate conglomerate a young executive comes up with a brilliant idea, let them compete! This is how the “Half Dead Show” began. Guilty parties will now compete on live holo-vision for one simple prize, their lives.

HalfDead chainsaw guy

The player finds themselves on the wrong side of a ruling from the Supreme Court of Colony p-9174. The infraction has been deemed a “violent crime” and consequently the player only has two options.

1. Capital Punishment by a well-known means
2. Compete on the “Half Dead” show and at least entertain the masses

Obviously any respectable gamer has only one choice!

HalfDead characters

Puzzle in the "Half Dead", minimap

Puzzle in the "Half Dead", minimap


Half dead is a multiplayer sci-fi game about a violent TV show. Players' goal is to survive in a network of rooms full of traps.

Half dead Steam game

Half dead Steam game


Half dead is a multiplayer sci-fi game about a violent TV show.

Guest - - 688,627 comments

I've seen YouTubers play it and it looks really fun! I only wish could play it, as I'm on a Mac

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zoltoks - - 43 comments

Your game is looking good! I hope I can make my game Zukara seem immersive like yours.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheScriptan - - 162 comments

Party games always looks funky and funny, but this one looks serious and competitive, I like it, keep up the great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sweet_Lemonade - - 40 comments

It looks pretty cool. I wonder if this was inspired by movie Cube.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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