Game mechanics

  • Hex grid maps with different types of terrain
  • Flexible movement around the world
  • Economy building
  • 4 main resources: gold, food, wood and iron
  • Marketplace prices reacting to supply and demand of each resource
  • Military recruitment
  • Magic casting
  • 5 different races with different perks and cons: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, The Undead
  • Guilds - forming teams with other players and fighting other guilds for a domination and map control


Each science level gives additional benefits to the player. And with each level other science prices will increase. So you'll have to decide where to focus depending on your gameplay style.

  • Military - science increases attack and defence status for all soldiers. It is best suited for players who like to fight.
  • Economy - increases food, wood and iron production.
  • Magic - a powerful science that not only increases your magic power, but also unlocks different spells. Some spells may be essential for everyone, but if you're dedicated to being a mage, it's worth it to get to a higher level so you can support your guild members with better spell casting.


Spells have major role in a game. Casting each spell requires different magic level.

  • Arcane eye - lets to you see what troops an enemy has in his army or city.
  • Berzek - increases army morale just for one hour to fight until the last drop.
  • Blizzard - freezes an enemy army in place for some time in order to stop it moving.
  • Mind Control - forces enemy troops to fight for your side.
  • Shielding Aura - makes harder for enemy to cast spells on city or army.
  • Magic Missiles - shoots magic projectiles to enemy army killing some soldiers.
  • Resurrection - resurrects some allied troops that died in the battle previously.
  • Cure Wounds - heals injured troops.
  • Earthquake - destroys enemy buildings in a city.
  • Flooding Storm - makes an empty area unpassable for some time.
  • Armageddon - ends the game round for everybody.
  • And many more ...


The in game market is a place where prices for resources are determined by supply and demand. Players do not buy directly from other players, but rather from the market itself. The market prices for resources are constantly changing, based on how much is being bought and sold. There are three main resources that can be traded on the market: food, wood, and iron.

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Guilds & Blades Gameplay


Guilds & Blades is a browser-based strategy game with hex grid maps and a variety of terrain types. The game's mechanics are based on a flexible movement system, an economy building system, and four main resources: gold, food, wood, and iron. The game's marketplace prices react to the supply and demand of each resource, and players can recruit military units and cast spells in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. The game's five different races each have their own unique perks and drawbacks, and players can form guilds in order to team up with other players and fight other guilds for domination of the game's map.

A scene of the BattleA necromancer casting a skull magicA huge and imposing En

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