Gnomes have been stealing from your farm, and you must stop them! Together with your goblin friends, fend off the pesky thieving gnomes and protect your farm at all cost. Experience the classic arcade castle defense game play with loads of twists. You have an arsenal of power-ups at your disposal, and a selection of 30+ upgrades to choose from. This is war!

❖ Features ❖

➤ Defeat waves of enemies in this action-packed shooter/castle defense game across multiple maps!
➤ Unlock tons of cool power-ups to help your quest!
➤ Unlock tons of upgrades and fill your deck with various combinations for a more effective offense/defense!
➤ Simple, intuitive, and customizable touch controls! (Gamepad support still in development)
➤ Vibrant hand drawn visuals combined with retro pixel character sprites!
➤ Customize your character with unlockable car skins!

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New Maps Added


Sometimes, the small details in a game bring out its personality. With enough of these "small" yet noticeable things, even without any gameplay impact whatsoever, the game will start to manifest its charm that will ultimately leave a mark for the players.

With that in mind, I decided to add a few map variants for all the 3 existing maps in the game. Check these out:

Screenshot 20190424 200720 Gnome

[Freija's Farm Normal]

This is the default Freija's Farm map. If you haven't updated your game yet, you're very familiar with this map. Just a daytime map with a Yak nonchalantly chewing off its food in the background.

Screenshot 20190418 190028 Gnome

[Freija's Farm no Yak]

Sometimes the Yak leaves its station to wander off somewhere...

Screenshot 20190418 173324 Gnome

[Freija's Farm Afternoon]

The sun is about to set, but the pesky gnomes have no plans to give up.

Screenshot 20190418 174415 Gnome

[Freija's Farm Raining]

This one is a little bit special. I added some particle effects for the rain and the rain splatter. Also you will notice the Yak has been replaced with a dancing Dryad and a couple of young Sporelings playing around...probably happy about the rain.

Gnome More War 2018 12 30 10 06

[Desert Hideout Normal]

Default variant of the Desert Hideout map.

Screenshot 20190419 201657 Gnome

[Desert Hideout w/ Efreet]

A sighting of a fire spirit (Efreet) is not an uncommon occurrence in the desert.

Screenshot 20190419 201920 Gnome

[Desert Hideout Afternoon]

A travelling merchant has found himself lost and even more perplexed with the sight of these gnomes coming down the hill. His companion Zelk could care less though.

Screenshot 20190424 200127 Gnome

[Kodama Port Default]

Default variant of the Kodama Port map.

Screenshot 20190424 195014 Gnome

[Kodama Port w/ Fishing Boats]

The large ship that was docked was replaced with a couple of fishing boats.

Screenshot 20190424 200326 Gnome

[Kodama Port Afternoon]

Purple skies, red seas, and the fishing boats changed location.

This month's update is really more of an aesthetic update only, but I'm hoping that little things like these will add up to give the game a personality, so players can feel that this isn't just a soul less piece of software, but a work of art-- my art.

Download the game 'Gnome More War' for FREE on Google Play

Support Gnome More War on Indiegogo!

Support Gnome More War on Indiegogo!


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Now Available In Early Access (Android)

Now Available In Early Access (Android)


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Upgrades Menu

Upgrades Menu


Aside from unlocking and equipping power-ups, players will also be able to unlock and equip upgrades. Upgrades range from increasing the maximum hit points...

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