At the beginning of the game you are a pilot of a small ship. Financial struggle forces you to start transporting contraband. Certainly, it will lead to you being in trouble with the law someday. But at some point in your life you are forced to make a deal with the authorities of the system. And that is when your dangerous space adventure begins. In addition to the main storyline, there are many side missions the player can be engaged in. Choose your own path: do you want to become the richest merchant or the most famous pirate who holds in awe all inhabited systems of the universe? Or maybe you crave for space exploration and discovering new worlds? Now it's up to you to decide. * Open world with over 2 billion star systems * Dozens of modules for modifying spaceships * Exciting plot * Robbery of merchant ships and hunting for pirates * Fair trade and transportation of prohibited goods * Extraction of resources from asteroid belts * Collection of research data from stellar systems

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Galaxy Genome iOS Release!


Some time ago the game became available in the AppStore!

AppStore Link:


Now you can play on your apple devices. The game includes all the latest updates, plus additional optimizations for tablets. It will give you dozens of hours of gameplay, gameplay really on a grand scale. Ever wanted to visit the Horse Head Nebula or the center of the galaxy? Prepare your ship and go for the adventure!


Galaxy Genome Update

Galaxy Genome Update


More than two months have passed since the release of the game. Many players liked the project and thanks to their feedback, the game has improved significantly...

Galaxy Genome released!

Galaxy Genome released!

News 1 comment

Galaxy Genome is now ready and available for purchase. It's 2D space simulator game will provide you a huge open world with ship upgrades, world exploration...

Guest - - 694,902 comments

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C.Konstantine - - 75 comments

Very bare bones description on this, what's the point in that? Indiedb has such a huge number of games listed, that such a lack of information does no favours to the dev.

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Emru1 - - 20 comments

hey, is there any progress?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
The-Black-Cat - - 2 comments

It looks promising. Hope you will let us test it soon ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Emru1 - - 20 comments

looks interesting

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Sep 21 2022

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Jul 7 2022

Galaxy Genome continues to evolve. Join now! #indiedev #gamedev #spacesim #ru_gamedev #gameart

Feb 9 2022

New Galaxy Genome Update! The planets are now available for visiting :) #indiedev #gamedev #spacesim

Nov 28 2021

Update 1.2.1 is on its way. Four new ships, random events in space, a new Gauss cannon #indiedev #gamedev

Sep 6 2021

New races coming soon in Galaxy Genome! #indiedev #ru_gamedev #indiegame #gamedev #screenshotsaturday

Apr 17 2021

3 months after Galaxy Genome release. The game has become much better during this time, thanks to the players for t…

Apr 13 2021