The year is 2720, with over 100 billion galaxies in existence, and not a single life form to be found. 150 years have passed, and the earth has shifted its plates once again, making it one. Pangerum they called it. Though we stopped pollution in 2225, the damage was done. Radioactive plants coupled with our excessive use of fossil fuels had demised our o-zone layer to nothing. You were unable to breathe without gas masks, because the air was filled with toxic gas. The sun lost its magnetic pull and drifted away year after year. The earth was forced into months of darkness. Scientists tried for centuries to generate alternate means of sunlight to no luck. In the year 2513, French born Physicist named Anne Dawnie’ works on the project N.I.K.E., (Naturally, Isolated, Kinetic, Energy) and helped find the solar panel that covers Pangerum today. Her research was done for a machine that allowed everyday minerals like zinc, gold, iron to be converted into kinetic energy.

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  • Mission Statement

we are all working students. So funding is none existent, but we are willing to negotiate pay.while the lack of funding would detour most. We see it as an opportunity to show where our passion lies. the art of making a quality game isn't reserved for those with deep pockets. That Games can transcend the stereotypes and stigmas that plague our industry.

  • The team
  1. Art Direction/concept- Hayden wise
  2. Game Design/Modeling- Fatai Opawoye
  3. Music Direction/ Game Design- Jerry-lee Mogo
  4. Music/Sound engineer- Levi Havard
  5. Script Writer- Tayo Fasusi
  6. Programmer-

  • Our Goal
  1. Set realistic deadlines
  2. Working prototype
  3. Test Game designs
  4. Get it to the Market

We are currently looking for programmers with working knowledge of c++ multi-platform application. i am not certain about the workload programming wise. I am sure if a skilled programmer say the work the could judge the hours required to make. We are also looking get some quotes as far as porting to other systems. a point in the right direction programming wise is what we are looking for to bring our vision to to life.

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taylan! - - 14 comments

Looks interesting. The use of scientific jargon could use some help, though (i.e. I guess you mean the sun's gravitational pull rather than magnetic?)

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burstisaac - - 364 comments

will this be free

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Int_nobis Creator
Int_nobis - - 3 comments

thanks Thunderising much appreciated..

Reply Good karma+1 vote
thunderising - - 981 comments

OMG looks very very good!!!!!

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