A map of stars is generated randomly at the beginning of each new game with a solar system being generated for each star. The player starts out at the pirate base and as the player successfully completes missions he is awarded with cash which is used to replenish supplies, upgrade his space ship with new internal systems, or even purchase a new ship with a different hull design. Ships can be reconfigured to appropriately match the type of mission that is to be completed.

The player is competing against other pirates which are controlled by the computer. The game is won or lost at the conclusion of a specified number of missions set by the player and is based on a total score accumulated during the game.

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Black Dragon Studios is on the prowl for some gamers who may be interested in participating in our beta testing process for Galactic Patrol Pirates. In the next three weeks, we will be gathering as many people as we can, and then start the selection process soon after that!

Here's how our beta-testing process will work:

  • Beta testing is expected to last approximately 30 days
  • We will provide all beta-testers with a
    full version of the game; game updates during beta-testing may result in
    BDS providing the tester with a new copy of the game once or more times
    during the testing process.
  • During the 30 day testing period, beta
    testers will receive simple surveys to fill out relative to their
    experience playing the game. Some questions will be simple multiple
    choice answers; others will require the tester to provide a more
    detailed answer. Surveys will be sent to all testers via email and will
    occur every week or every other week, depending on how testing goes.
  • All beta testers that provide responsive
    feedback to all information requests from BDS will receive a reward. The
    tester's game handle or online name will be permanently placed in the
    game, appearing as one of the computer Pirates. All beta testers will
    also be included in the game credits.

Anyone interested in participating in
bringing Galactic Patrol Pirates to the public should register on the
Site and post in the forum thread set up for beta testers.
Follow the forum thread for updates; however, Dragongirl (aka Apalala) will contact
you via email prior to the start of beta testing to provide you with the
information needed to secure a copy of the game and get playing!

Apalala Creator
Apalala - - 1 comments

Galactic Patrol Pirates will begin looking for beta testers sometime in the next 30 days! For anyone that is interested, please visit the Black Dragon Studios website at www.black-dragon-studios.com!!

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