Game it is a RTS happening in distant future 2400 year. It is possible to produce builders and soldiers. Player can build new buildings (Base, Reactor, Barracks). In game there are four types of material: Energy (produced by power generators), Metal (can be mined from piles), Crystal (is used as main computer's cores), Gaz (is fuel source, each unit needs some to start power reaction inside). There will be three races Humans (Terrans) and alien race (like those from alien movie). And finaly Prima low tech civilization but can build and expand faster than other races. Each side will have its unique skills. Terann builder will build bulding from outside when alien will be conumed durning proces...

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New Game play Video


I recorded new game play Video With many new features and bug fixes. Units are now moving more smooth and from now on building buildings is possible also, added airport, vehicle depot, sea port and much more.

New Video For Futuristic War

New Video For Futuristic War


We added to game first fight organized in mini game, you can control bunch off tanks and destroy enemy tanks, there is also video recording from this...

Fist Video For Futuristic War

Fist Video For Futuristic War

News 9 comments

It is first game play video released for "Futuristic War". Game it is an RTS happening in distant future 2400 year. Video shows working buildings. It...

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Futuristic War Alpha Demo

Futuristic War Alpha Demo


This version you can kill some enemies with tanks.

Futuristic War Alpha

Futuristic War Alpha


It is an Alpha off game with 300 units posible to move them

GamerWolfOps - - 173 comments

Keep up the good work, you still need to finalize the textures and some lighting into the game.

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liamdawe - - 399 comments

You really need to work on that description, "Game it is an" really, no proof reading?

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skmskm Creator
skmskm - - 17 comments

I am trying to find somebody to do text stuf.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
moddlord1 - - 11,188 comments

will be tracking this.

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