FlagWars is a mobile strategy game that puts you properly in command of an army. Players control their troop movements directly by drawing out battle plans in real-time, against other people playing online, in something akin to a Dawn of Titans / Clash Royale crossover.

The controls are fast and intuitive - simply draw a path outwards from any of your units, and it will be followed. No tapping to select first, and no A.I. moving the units for you and mucking up your strategy. If the path ends at an enemy, your unit will automatically follow and attack that enemy. Super simple, super easy.

Outside of the battle, players have individual control of their units attack, health, speed, and range attributes within twelve unit classes: Swordsman, Archer, Spearman, Cavalry, Scout, Catapult, Healer, Ram, Assassin, Ballista, Mage, and the mysterious ‘Barrel’. The classes have all the strengths and weaknesses you would intuitively expect, which makes the learning curve very easy in the places we want it to be, and hard in the places we don’t (I still haven’t worked out the best strategy to play with at each point in the game!). There is no boring city building system, no having to upgrade farms or store resources - FlagWars is all about the army, and the battle.

It’s a freemium game without ads (yes, I know…), but the In-App purchases serve only to increase the pace - offering no special rewards or super rare items. And, what’s more, absolutely all of the revenue goes to towards research in neuroscience and computer science, with the goal of closely connecting human brains to computers to protect from potentially dangerous advances in artificial intelligence (A.I.). Being a registered charity with this purpose, it is actually a legal requirement - Brainwave’s founders can’t take any of the revenue for themselves, no matter how successful FlagWars is.

FlagWars is developed by Brainwave Research and Engineering Ltd. We are a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission (ABN-89620430104). As a charity, all our revenue is legally required to go towards our goal of making safe superintelligence. We have no shareholders, no investors, and no profits, and we can never be bought or sold.

FlagWars is available on Android now, and is awaiting review with iOS.

Android: Play.google.com

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About a year ago, when I was going into my fourth year of a physics/computer science undergrad, I got terrified of artificial superintelligence, and for fairly convoluted reasons decided the best way to do something about it was to make a medieval strategy mobile game (with the revenue going towards making A.I safe… somehow. I hadn’t quite figured out the details yet.)

I’d never made a game before (and didn’t even play much, sadly), so I had basically no idea what I was doing for the next year as I fell through development of a (stupidly) real-time, (stupidly) online, (stupidly) multiplayer mobile game. I had to do stuff over and over again to get it right, and got caught with the silliest bugs for days at a time (I once did an all-nighter trying to fix a bug… and next morning learnt it was just that & is different to && in C#.) After a few months I begged a friend and housemate to help me out with the menu, and our relationship got kinda weird as we struggled about for way longer than either of us expected. I quit my jobs and dropped out of uni to program, figuring I could last until the game was done... I didn’t, and ended up selling basically everything I owned, and borrowing all the money I could from friends and family to sustain myself as the release date got pushed back again and again (I was already living in government-subsidized housing). I think I planned to release it in July 2017, but we when we got to June, well, it stayed one month away for a looong time.

And eventually, last week, “FlagWars” (v1.0 with no bells or whistles), was finished. The concept of the game is to have proper command of an army - being able to directly control your unit’s movement on the battlefield - and to be able to do it in real-time, against real people playing at the same time. I didn’t think there was yet a game that quuuiiiittee filled this niche out on mobile yet, so here it is! Hopefully nothing’s come out since I stuck my head down a year ago, eeeek. I relied way more than I would have liked on Unity’s built-in functionality, and on assets from their store (since I’m a terrible artist), but I am pretty happy with the result - and I’m somehow still enthusiastic enough to keep working on v2.0, which is nice. I’m on the high right now, feeling gooood to finally, actually, have a project completed I can show people - so all the panic and sweat is forgotten for a little while.

FlagWars was released under the name of, and so all it’s revenue goes to, a charity I started called Brainwave, whose goal is to make safe superintelligence. It is a registered charity - so I’m legally prevented from keeping anything - though if FlagWars is successful I can be paid a regular market-rate for a game developer for my work.

FlagWars is on iOS soon, and Android today. It’s free, and has practically no downloads yet, so I’d really appreciate anybody taking a look and giving feedback. Thanks for letting me blather on, if anybody is interested, ask me anything!

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