Welcome to Age of Empires II HD: The Rise of the Rajas; the third new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over 17 years. Challenge friends with four additional civilizations, new units, technologies, and build your empire on both water and land. Guide history’s greatest heroes in Southeast Asia through four additional campaigns and conquer your foes with mighty hordes of elephants under your command!

    • 4 New Civilizations
      • Burmese – Assemble the largest empire in the history of Southeast Asia through a legion of Battle Elephants that can demolish the most powerful of defenses. The Burmese unique unit is the Arambai, a ranged cavalry unit with a deadly but low accuracy attack.
      • Khmer – Construct the largest religious monument in the world and amass an immortal army of devastating siege weapons. The Khmer unique unit is the Ballista Elephant, a mounted scorpion that can be upgraded to fire two bolts simultaneously.
      • Malay – Conquer Southeast Asia with the vast island empire of Malay and upgrade your docks to harbours which can shoot arrows. The Malay unique unit is the Karambit Warrior, an extremely cheap infantry unit that can quickly overwhelm its foes.
      • Vietnamese – Lead your people to independence and wage guerilla warfare with an extremely powerful arsenal of ranged units. The Vietnamese unique unit is the Rattan Archer, a heavily-armored ranged unit that is effectively impervious to enemy archer attacks.
    • 4 New, Fully Voiced Campaigns
      • Gajah Mada: On the island of Java, a new power is rising. Gajah Mada, prime minister of Majapahit, conspires to build an empire to rule the waves and islands of the Archipelago. Will he be able to balance his unquestioned loyalty to the king with his growing ambitions?
      • Suryavarman I: It is the early 11th century and the Khmer Empire is in turmoil, torn apart by competing factions and surrounded by hostile neighbors. Only one prince, Suryavarman, has the courage and cunning to defeat his rivals and restore the Khmer to their former glory. Seizing the throne, however, is just the first of many tasks. Will Suryavarman muster the strength to expand his domain, overcome adversity, and create a timeless legacy as the king who attained Nirvana?
      • Bayinnaung: A warrior king seeks to unite a divided land. But when he is betrayed, only his devoted servant can continue his legacy. Can a mere commoner ascend the Burmese throne and build the largest empire in Southeast Asian history?
      • Lê Lợi: When a civil war plunged Dai Viet into chaos, the Ming Emperor intervened and seized control. Now, the only hope for freedom from oppression lies with one man: a minor noble named Le Loi. Will he be able to unite feuding factions, defeat the Chinese, and regain Vietnamese independence?
    • New Generic Units
      • Battle Elephant: Created at the stable and available to each of the new civilizations, the Battle Elephant is a slow and powerful cavalry unit that is devastating in melee combat. Each new civilization has its own unique bonuses to set their Elephant regiments apart.
      • Imperial Skirmisher: The long-awaited upgrade to the iconic Elite Skirmisher unit, the upgrade is available to the Vietnamese and all of its teammates.
    • New Environments
      • Land meets the sea in The Rise of the Rajas! Alongside massive rainforests, treacherous beaches, the new mangrove forests and shallows provide a whole new playstyle. The new amphibious terrain can be built on and both land units and ships can pass through it. This new terrain type is featured on each of the five new random maps.
  • Improved AI
  • 5 New Random Maps
  • 5 New Special Maps
  • 5 New Real World Maps
  • 13 New Terrains
  • New Scenario Editor Objects
  • Spectator Mode
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How to proper credit

Other Tutorial

People like to play mods, people like to make mods and is just great. But I noticed that beginner modders fail to credit people who made graphics, tools and anything else they would use for their mod. So I wrote this short article for how to proper give credits.

I post few screenshots from credits section of some mods and as well I leave link to their credits page, if you want to take a deeper look and learn more.

The reason is important to credit people is because everything small or big, took time and some effort for people to make them. You, by putting your name all over your mod, but don't bother to mention others, tells me (and others) that your don't appreciate their efforts and as a following, you should stop using their graphics, tools, any assets, even their ideas.

Exception to this ( and I think everyone understands) is when you find a picture on google, you crop it, remove background, forget from where you found it and you import it in game.





Thanks for reading, I hope I offer you some guidance and I hope I wasn't too harsh.

I love all your mods.




Bellow are the examples:

Screenshot from 2021 10 11 19 33

Screenshot from 2021 10 11 19 33 1

Screenshot from 2021 10 11 19 32 1

Screenshot from 2021 10 11 19 32

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Custom Map Set Pack (May 17)

Custom Map Set Pack (May 17)

Script 1 comment

This gives you access to seven different map modes, Bombard Maps, Holy Maps, Regicide Maps, Sword's Maps, Dave's Maps, Market Maps, Town Center Maps...




aegis logo in .slp and .bmp format for age of empires 2 game. Read full description

Age of Empires II: Rise of the Gago

Age of Empires II: Rise of the Gago

Full Version 2 comments

This mod is based on book Claudio Gago and his reign.

The Rajas Kingdoms 4.6

The Rajas Kingdoms 4.6

Patch 7 comments

This is a moderate work which aims to help the worse civs do better, while not change the game in any drastic way. Works online if both players have it...

The Rajas Kingdoms 4.5

The Rajas Kingdoms 4.5


This is a small work which aims to help the worse civs do better, while not change the game in any drastic way. Works online if both players have it...

Gold Age

Gold Age

Era de Ouro (Gold Age) Full Version 1 comment

Uma nova era, novas tecnologias, novas unidades e novas construções para o seu age of empires 2: Rise of Rajas.

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