What's this game about?

~ Create your own path by blowing up every wall in your way.
~ Creatively strike down foes by knocking them back and earn combo kills.
~ Swap between nine unique heroes while adventuring, each have their own skills and playstyles.
~ Discover secret passageways filled with enchanted weapons and mountains of gold.
~ Strategically plan out your path before the floor crumbles into lava.
~ Explore procedurally generated caverns with deadly traps, surprising enemy encounters, and much more.
~ Complete extra sidequests and challenges to unlock new areas of the cavern.

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This demo is only compatible with Windows but Mac and Linux versions will be out later this year. Press "F" to enter full-screen mode.

Installation steps: Simply install the .exe file and then run the game. (For Windows 10 users, if you receive a pop up "Windows Protected your PC" click more info -> run anyway)

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Every move matters in this Fellowship, Rogue-lite adventure. Your imprisoned allies are counting on you to rescue them from the depths of the Firestone Cavern. To succeed you'll have to find the perfect balance of fighting to level up, exploring to find secret passageways, and running away in order to fight another day.

Wiz Unlock Final

Blowup Final

Combo Kill Final


Enchant Final

Swap Final

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Firestone Saga - Early Access releases next week

Firestone Saga - Early Access releases next week

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Early access will be available on July 24th. In case you haven't boarded the beta train yet, learn what makes our combat engaging.

Firestone Saga - Designing memorable enemies

Firestone Saga - Designing memorable enemies

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To celebrate our upcoming release, this week we're showcasing a few enemy units from Firestone Saga.

Heroes of Firestone Saga

Heroes of Firestone Saga


This week we're showcasing a few hero classes from Firestone Saga.

Back from the dead with a new name!

Back from the dead with a new name!


After a year of silently working in a dark underground bunker, we've got a lot of updates to share.

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