Fight the Tentacle is a tactical shooter lite somewhat inspired by 90's arcade games.

"The man steps into a pitch black alley that he somehow never noticed, despite often passing the area by many times before. Standing in the beam from the last light post he looks ahead into nothingness, as vague slithering movements reach out from the darkness towards the light he is standing in. He puts one hand in his pocket while gesticulating with the other, taunting the being into showing itself. From the pocket he brings out a gun, and as he does, the black alley brightens into some inter-dimensional space with stars rushing by.

NOW they will pay!"


- Continuous play on an ever out-zooming scene.
- Constant flow of men from the left vs. enemies from the right.
- Guns aplenty, from revolvers and shotguns to a chainsaw and airstrike to more unusual ones.
- Enemies aplenty, with occasional boss/miniboss encounters!
- Taunt the Tentacle for more to shoot, and in turn more points!
- Spend points on weapons. Spend even more points on special weapons, yet go for the hiscore!
- Moody soundtrack.

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Fight the Tentacle


Fight the Tentacle Episode screenshot

The biggest addition from earlier versions is a more communicative interface
with mouseover, highlighting and visible targeting mechanics.

Control overview:

Fight the Tentacle, controls explained

( this is also included in the package )

The game can be fully controlled with the mouse and the graphical interface.

Left mouse button - Standard action key for buttons and moving your men
Right mouse button - Target enemy

Quick keys:

[Esc] - Pause/Resume
[Shift] or [Space] - Toggle between group of investigators

[1] - Equip left primary weapon
[2] - Equip right primary weapon
[3] - Use secondary attack 1
[4] - Use secondary attack 2

[T] - Taunt

Minigames use [Space] as action key.

Fight the Tentacle Episode screenshot Fight the Tentacle, level 3

Fight the Tentacle Episode screenshot

Fight the Tentacle Episode screenshot Fight the Tentacle Episode screenshot

Fight the Tentacle Episode screenshot

Fight the Tentacle Demo Release Date & Trailer

Fight the Tentacle Demo Release Date & Trailer


Get ready for the demo that is coming next weekend. Check out the trailer below!

Fight the Tentacle, Demo screenshots!

Fight the Tentacle, Demo screenshots!


We've added 8 new screenshots from the nearly complete Fight the Tentacle demo showing more enemies, the final interface and overall slightly revised...




Focus is on getting the demo done before the end of summer!

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Fight the Tentacle

Fight the Tentacle


Fight the Tentacle Episode v1.0 for Windows is the first part of the envisioned Fight the Tentacle arcade action journey!

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