«Haunted by Evil» — is a psycho-intellectual horror about a man who fights nightmares in reality using his madness and weapons.

This game contains 5 episodes.

Episode 1 - coming soon.

Episode 2 - TBD.

Episode 3 - TBD.

Episode 4 - TBD.

Episode 5 - TBD.

Plunge into a mysterious world of an imaginary city, Summerveil, in Eastern Virginia (USA).

Patrick has been seeing more and more nightmares recently. The last one was such a real nightmare that he woke up covered in bruises and scratches.

Patrick is a usual frontend developer at the IT company U.I.T.S. He constantly works overtime. He suspects that maybe he just needs a usual vacation to come around. He thinks that all the nightmares may be a sort of mental disorder and the wounds are the result of his uncontrolled movement while sleeping.

But the events become more terrifying when a long forgotten unsolved case about people disappearing becomes known. Patrick starts seeing things that people in their right mind can’t see. Is it a usual schizophrenia or interference of some evil forces?

You have to deal with these events as well as decide your fate and a lot of other people’s fates in Summerveil and maybe in the whole world…

- Plunge into an uneasy life of the IT worker who rents a flat on the city outskirts;

- Get to know your colleagues more, team up solving tasks at work and get on well with them outside of work;

- Investigate every corner of mysterious and at the first sight unremarkable city Summerveil;

- Try not to lose your sanity while fighting with your and other people's nightmares;

- Fight a huge number of monsters in extensive/large/wide/huge worlds;

- Solve a lot of puzzles to find your way out of nightmares;

- Try to find out if somebody is behind these mysterious events...

It's all in your hands!


- Fascinating and exciting plot;

- Travelling into your personal nightmares and other people’s nightmares;

- Unique system of character’s “sanity” which will make your game more difficult or maybe you’ll get some benefit out of it;

- A huge variety of monsters and their special features which also include behaviour;

- Weapon range for fighting evil forces;

- Influence on other people’s fates and the change of story because of your choice while playing;

- Wonderful music and sound effects that emphasize game’s atmosphere and range from emotional to terrifying.

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I think it's definitely worth making good soundtracks, especially for pixel games!

Haunted by Evil

Greetings to all!

I am very sensitive to the creation of the game, and therefore I try to work out every detail. And it's not a secret for anyone that the main component of the atmosphere is the musical accompaniment of the game. This is especially true for horror games.

And that's why I am passionate about creating music tracks and sounds for the game. I would like to share some of the many with you.

Hard battle

Brutalizer fight (first phase)

Don't forget that you can play the Haunted by Evil demo on IndieDB too! If you like the game, add it to your wishlist on Steam.

Demo on IndieDB: Haunted by Evil (DEMO ENG)

Wishlist on Steam: Haunted by Evil

If you notice any errors or malfunctions in the game, do not hesitate and write to me at my email address support@bkegames.com

Haunted by Evil Demo is available!

Haunted by Evil Demo is available!


Haunted by Evil demo is available on IndieDB! Also available on Steam. Find out how the story of Patrick, an ordinary office programmer, began.

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Haunted by Evil (DEMO ENG)

Haunted by Evil (DEMO ENG)


This demo version will tell you how the story of Patrick, an ordinary office programmer, began.

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