Federation77 is a brutal and dynamic VR shooter in various arenas in a post-Soviet cyberpunk setting that brings the concept of violence and drugs to the forefront.

2077, the city of M, the territory of the Federation. The country is still reeling from a war it started. You are a cyberpsycho, whose program has crashed due to a "Taras-Kulish" fatal error that encourages you to kill. It's time to clear the streets of dirt.

Main features:

  • Ultra violence is the goal

    Violence is a core game concept in which killing enemies and dismembering them is the only way to the top of the leaderboard.

  • Doping = life

    Use various stimulants to survive in this world of anarchy and make your life sparkling with new colors.

  • High dynamic combat

    Adrenaline-fueled firefights will not let you get bored. For a successful game session you constantly have to move, kill enemies and dodge bullets.

  • Set of game modes

    There are several different game modes in the game, which give your unique experience and are woven into the narrative of the game.

  • Variety of the game content

    A diverse arsenal with the different types of weapon behavior, different enemy factions with their own features, the set of game maps.

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"Federation77" is a dynamic VR first-person shooter in attraction format, set in a setting where the era of Perestroika, criminal gangs and other attributes of the dashing 90s in the post-Soviet space are mixed with the aesthetic of cyberpunk 2077 year.

The main hero, who lives in a sleeping area of the city of M, goes out to meet his "favorite" neighbors. The morality of the people here has fallen and now a simple trip to get some bread is a hell of an adventure.

This whole city is a goddamn ghetto...

And you are a cyber-psychic in this city whose program has malfunctioned because of the "Taras-Kulish" critical error, which encourages you to kill. It's time to clean the streets of filth.

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What awaits in the game:

  • Ultra-violence on enemies is the only way to the top of the rankings.
  • Doping - various stimulants help to survive in an anarchy world and give it new colors.
  • Different factions of enemies, specific to the region, with their own characteristics: drunks, cyberpunks, riot police (OMON), sheep as suicide bombers (shahids), Matryoshka doll and others.
  • Adrenaline-fueled firefights with the need for constant motion will complement your fitness training program.
  • Several game modes provide a unique experience.
  • A variety of arsenal with different types of weapon behavior.

1$ from every copy is going to support the Ukrainian Army.

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About MiroWin Studios.

Founded in 2017, MiroWin is a developer and publisher of video games for PC, VR and consoles. The studio's portfolio includes "Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR" western-shooter, "Boiling Steel" story-based sci-fi VR shooter, "TinShift" PC multiplayer arena-shooter.

MiroWin is an official partner of Oculus, HTC, Playstation, Pico, Nolo and Huawei.

On November 3, 2022 release of the "Desperate: Vladivostok," a joint VR project with the US publisher PM Studios is planned on Steam and Meta Quest.

For more information, visit mirowin.com and subscribe to @mirowinvr on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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