You have played Flappy Bird, now it's time to see if your training has paid off. Fear Bird gives context to the genre-- navigate your way through a 3D post-apocalyptic world in this tale of survival. Fear Bird is an action-horror game, you will have to avoid death at the hands of super-natural beings.

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Fear Bird is available to play right now @ .

What is Fear Bird?

Fear Bird was born from my desire to do a horror genre mash-up of an innocent title. Recently, the Flappy Jam asked indie devs to fight against the negativity that surrounds successful small games, by making a game that is 'hard, almost unplayable' in the same vein as Flappy Bird.

To that end, I took the challenge of making a one-button Flappy Bird-like game and tried to explore it in another way. What if you took a genre like survival-horror and made it accessible?


I had already begun imagining the things that could be included in the game to make it possible-- multiple pathways so that there is always a tension of choice, enemies/zombies that tried to eat you while you dodge through a broken world, and a flashlight mechanic that you could use to see where you are going, and ward off the night-creatures.

Current State:

However, as the deadline of Flappy Jam grew nearer, many of the concept features had to be cut. What resulted is more akin to a 3D Flappy Bird game in a post-apocalyptic world.

If there is community interest in Fear Bird, I will be able to continue development and either continue on the current path of the game, or return to the original concept of a true, accessible survival-horror.

Thanks !

ClockworkGoat - - 1 comments

I love the concept, but the gameplay... I don't know what's actually going on.

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