Ezerion, the first game of Qulvar Game Studio, is a turn based strategy (TBS) board game for mobil devices. Logically its similar to chess and its a capture area style of game. Players can play the game against either the smart phone or up to 5 other online players. Ezerion will be released on March 1st 2021 and will be available on Google Play and Apple Store.

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Ezerion released !


There are different universes and levels in this game. A beginner player starts with the water universe. For all the levels, there are different playing fields with different difficulty levels. Every player plays with their colored squares by clicking them.

Numbers on the dices shows how many clicks they have got. These numbers can rise up to the number of the dices neighbour squares (up, down, left and right spaces). If the player clicks one more time after the dice reach the highest number it can get, the dice burst and spreads, it gives neighbour squares the value of number one also the players color. As a result, the dices spread in the playing field increasingly. If there aren’t any opponents dices in the playing field, you win the game. However if there aren’t any of your dices in the playing field, your opponent wins.

Apple Store Link : Apps.apple.com
Google Play Link : Play.google.com

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