Expand and Exterminate is a modification for TA spring. Primarly it's done by one man named Fang, who has done it all by scratch every once in a while asking for help by the community. EE ( expand and exterminate) is constantly updating.

This is quoted from the sort of temporary site: Cs.selu.edu
(This is written by Fang)
"This is a FAQ for Expand and Exterminate as well as a brief history of the project where it started from and some background fluff.

Q:What is Expand and Exterminate?

A:Expand and Exterminate is a mod created by Fang with help from several dozen other people which is based loosely on the games Earth 2150, and Earth 2160. The game started as a project for Me to make my own mod and test crazy ideas with weapons. It expanded into a almost semi Total Conversion based on Earth 2150/2160. The goal of this mod was to create a game atmosphere that felt post modern, while still being believable. The gameplay was intended to be fast paced and tactical with a focus on unit group composition and expansionist gameplay with defences being religated to a fairly reduced role in favor of an offense focused gameplay.

Q:Why no metal makers?

A:While these are in TA games and varients on TA I feel that they actually reduce your strategic options. Metal makers allow a player to sit put and expand their economy without actually taking a risk and gaining more territory. While some games may want this dynamic I dislike it. I prefer that people only be able to expand their economy by moving away from their main base and gaining more terrain/resources. This encourages more fighting early and often through out the game and means that stalemates are less likely to happen as any loss in terrain is a loss in economy. The other reason is that I feel that this system replicates somewhat the game pace of THQ's Dawn of War which I liked alot as it lead to lots of skirmishes and battles across the map.

Q:Why do all the units look so similiar, I cant tell them apart!?

A:The units look the same because this game is based on Earth 2150/2160 and I wanted to go with a similiar mechanic. In Earth 2150 you could switch weapon loadouts on the same chassis to create a different unit and I liked this mechanic alot, it also I felt gave a lot of uniformity to the different sides. It also I feel gives..........."

To download EE simply go to the spring main site: Taspring.clan-sy.com
and download spring. After installing, go to start>Taspring>Multiplayer Battle Room, Now up top there is a options button, click it and precede to make an account after that simply go into the game, After this to log on and off click the upper left hand plug. Now to install EE, Now type in main chat /join #EE and download and put the EE file into the spring mod folder located in the spring folder. Now restart spring and Walla mod installed.

To contact me, EE representative for Moddb, simply use the email provided to the left ---->

To contact Fang the make use: Fanger4604@gmail.com

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The map is now available on EU, NA, SEA and on KR servers. Also SEA and KR have translated versions.
The map is getting popular again in EU and it is quite popular in KR.
From now I will start working again on this project, first adding a team vs team mode, than improving guide system. Than I will start further polishing the game and adding stuff.
Also I still looking for any cool spaceships models to replace Starcraft 2 models.

Prepare to be Exterminated!

Prepare to be Exterminated!

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Expand and Exterminate has joined the ModDB listings: Some information about the game is: Quick paced action combined with deep strategy. Easy to pick...

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roadking - - 380 comments

I think only the 'extermintate' thing works, but it exterminated itself...

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Guessmyname - - 179 comments

This isn't an RPG...

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neddiedrow - - 161 comments

And as I go the rounds... glad to finally get to vote on the bloody thing!

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Shadowsage - - 8 comments


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Smoth - - 1,098 comments

'bout time you guys registered on here :)

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Shadowsage - - 8 comments

Not only are there the massive battles stated, there are 3 tiers of technology on 3 different races, with weapons varying from lasers and cannons to ion blasts and plasma!

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[EE]Kanot Creator
[EE]Kanot - - 6 comments

Image those tanks but hundreds of them. Battles get intense. Now there is different forms of play. For example go naval and stock of nuclear weapons and bombardment cruisers, or go all out hundreds of unit assualts!

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[EE]Kanot Creator
[EE]Kanot - - 6 comments

Thanks, I am the EE moddb representative, Ill try to keep you guys updated!

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DrZais - - 293 comments

its good to see more people taking advantage of the spring engine, keep it up!

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OOmiz - - 30 comments

possibly the best spring mod out there right now!

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