You'll find a deep, rich universe with over a decade of backstory, characters you can identify with, and it's filled with decisions that aren't just black and white. Explore a backwater planet filled with raiders, ancient artifacts, and aliens who have their own agendas. The world is vast and varied, with locations ranging between desolate wastelands, strange mushroom forests, and many other alien locales. You'll also make use of a wide array of weaponry, both archaic and futuristic, not to mention a deep magic system!

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An Update - Complete Rework


The last update for Journey's End was on March 26, 2018. For those who may be following the project, you'll notice that was over 2 years ago. I will not go into unnecessary details on why the project has been put on such a long hiatus, but rather simply state that it was a combination of extended health issues including physical and mental health.

If you've made it this far, you will notice that the project has been renamed to Provenance. This renaming was done for several reasons; the name Journey's End is a bit too generic and at this point would be more strongly associated with Terraria's latest update. Also, Journey's End was based upon a tabletop system that has been 10 years in the making called Provenance. More on the tabletop to follow.

Production on Journey's End was also ended because it was the general opinion that the gameplay loop was severely janky. The decision to attempt a dynamic side-scrolling style was ill thought out, and in practice did not produce enjoyable gameplay. It was difficult to grasp one's surroundings, and often enemies would either be nigh impossible to deal with or be much too easy.

At this point I have decided to take a much more true-to-tabletop approach. My goals for Provenance are to produce a game similar to Neverwinter Nights or Divinity; games that echo the experience of tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

Journey's End is being completely redone from the ground up as a Co-Op RPG experience as Provenance. The lore and style shall remain the same, but I hope to create a much more enjoyable game.

Journey's End Devlog #6 - Public Demo Release

Journey's End Devlog #6 - Public Demo Release


In this Devlog we're making our demo available publicly, and showing off whats new!

Journey's End Devlog #5 – Spell Updates and Upcoming Demo

Journey's End Devlog #5 – Spell Updates and Upcoming Demo


In this devlog we take a look at our revamped spell and utility system, and talk about the upcoming demo!

Journey's End Devlog #4 - UI Rework

Journey's End Devlog #4 - UI Rework

News 1 comment

We've done a very significant overhaul of nearly every UI related system in Journey's End!

Journey's End Dev Log #2 - Hair and Updates

Journey's End Dev Log #2 - Hair and Updates


In today's Dev Log we'll talk about our new hair system and some updates on core mechanics!

Guest - - 698,872 comments

looks awesome when will the demo be available?

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Kelkith Creator
Kelkith - - 1 comments

Currently we plan on having the demo released by the middle of March. We'll make sure to post an update around then.

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Omegakill - - 367 comments

Looks quite rough in the screnshots but anything that says cyberpunk is an auto-track

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