Escape: Sierra Leone is an exploration-based first person survival/exploration game set during the Sierra Leone civil war. It is truly open and allows the player limitless freedom. No invisible walls, no set quests, and a dynamic story.

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A list of features planned for the beta build, updated regularly as I progress through development.

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These features are planned for the beta release. It's likely not all of them will make it in, but most of them will:

-New weapons as listed below:

  • Kitchen Knife
  • Axe
  • .44 Magnum Revolver
  • Mosin Nagant PU
  • Mossberg 500
  • Micro Uzi

-New items as listed below:

  • Flashlight
  • Coconut
  • Cooked/Raw Meat
  • Bottle of Milk
  • Bottle of Dirty Water
  • Empty Bottle (refillable)
  • Aviation Gas
  • M67 Frag Grenade
  • Bouncing Betty Landmine
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • IED
  • Mortar Round

-More vehicles as listed below:

  • Old diesel pickup truck
  • Speedboat
  • Mi-8 helicopter
  • Cessna (may not be player controllable)

-The addition of animals and a hunting system that will allow players to kill animals and harvest their meat. Will have some kind of AI so the animals try to avoid being killed and have some semblance of realistic behaviour.

-Finishing and polishing the level.

-Adding a basic crafting system in that allows the player to make improvised weapons, cook meat, etc.

-More environmental assets, such as improved building models, and more vegetation variety.

-More NPC interaction and improved AI such as enemies surrendering/fleeing, trading with friendly AI and a wounding system.

-Fixes for several prominent bugs in the alpha.

-A proper menu UI system that allows customizing the settings and better suits the game, and appears more final.

-New audio to replace the placeholder and missing audio.

-Probably more things I've missed, this will be updated on the fly.

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