Gameplay :

• Hack Entodrive into your crew!
• Battle Entodrive in turn based combat.
• Help the people of Cache Isle with Entodrive related incidents.
• Thwart the Forever Corporation's raid of the Isle.
• Face Mystical & mysterious void Entodrive.
• Face your dev partner Max Jai in battle.
• Instant Action! (face randomized NPC battles with 3 tiers; lv 20, lv 30, lv 40)
• Upgrade your monsters with ability stones.
• Trade / Bartering with NPCs to gain different items.
• Mine for items with your pickaxe in the post game.

•Upgrade your own personal server tower with usable modules.

Story :

Play as one of the developer's for Entodrive AR. An augmented reality game that was made to gamify an outbreak of computer viruses. Your partner in development Max Jai was the face of business, but never got his hands dirty to develop the game. He calls upon your help when realizing Entodrive aren't behaving how they were programed. Entodrive begin attacking and possessing objects in the real world. The Entodrive have become something more than you intended. It is up to you and Max Jai to go on a quest to rediscover what Entodrive means to the people of Cache Isle and save them from Entodrive related incidents. This game takes place in the Apastron shared universe.

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Entodrive Launches on Steam!


What I've Been Working On :

+New Location Dynamo City

+New battle background for Dynamo City

+Crew battles for Dynamo City

+Trade market for Dynamo City

+Crystal Cove bug fixes

+Report station for Kixstar Cave

+Report station for Alder Shore

+Report station for Alder Village

+Report station for Escher Road

+Report station for Red Jungle

+Report station for Dynamo City

+New Music for Dynamo City by Nicole Marie T

+Fixed bug that would prevent controller navigation on the main menu

+Paced out battle text better so less words are missed

+Battle text now displays when crew battles enemies are defeated

+Python Port now has the battle club that has crew battles you can rebattle

+Added more item drops in the early game

+Fixed bug that would allow status changes to apply to defeated monsters

+Added more achievements

+Fixed bug where player monster would reappear after being defeated

+Fixed bug where player monster would reappear after being defeated.

+Fixed typos

+Fixed Ability mismatching on some moves

+Improved controller navigations in options menu

+Adjusted some monster catch rates

+Added an fps limiter in the options menu (new default is 144fps)

+Forever Corp takeover in Dynamo City

+Completed the Time of Crisis Tie-in Event

+Added rival Samara Rematch in Dynamo City after defeating her in Rapira Desert

+Final Mandervack Rival Battle

+Updated every guide

What's Coming Next :

The game will still receive updates and improvements after early access.
New updates will titled Community Update #
Next update around 03/09/2022
More Mystical battles
A Custom Server Tower
Alder Mines

Complete Monster List :

Entodrive Devlog #39

Entodrive Devlog #39


Full patch notes for Entodrive 0.85 : +New Location +3 new Entodrive +2 new moves +Max Jai Pickaxe Gift Event +S.S. Vector Travel

Entodrive Devlog #38

Entodrive Devlog #38


Patch notes for Entodrive 0.84: +3 New Monsters +5 new items +New Location WIP +Salvage System Overview.

Entodrive Devlog #37

Entodrive Devlog #37


Introducing new mining mechanics along w/ new monsters & items.

Pumpkin Harvest Event

Pumpkin Harvest Event


Full patch notes for Entodrive Devlog 34 +Pumpkin Harvest Seasonal Event, +Sprite Improvements, +Storage Changes.

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Really fun idea! nice job!

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Great art idea!

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this looks interesting

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