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Duck Hunt PSP is a Homebrew game originally developed for the Sony PSP, but also available for the Sony PS Vita.

Duck Hunt is a famous game created by Nintendo in 1984 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the Duck Hunt PSP Homebrew, you need to shoot ducks, do resume to the next round. However, every round the ducks starts to fly faster, and it becomes harder to shoot them.

Now you can play this on your PSP, and a bit different. Since the PSP version has different game modes and different shooting ways.


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In this FJM Homebrew News Update there are few announcements and events going on already. This article will take you through future ideas regarding FouadtjuhMaster Homebrew projects and where the find them. Furthermore, the current PSP 3004 giveaway that's been going on for a few days on And the overall resurgence of the PSP Homebrew scene alongside the PSP Homebrew Community.

First: Quick shout out to the PSP Homebrew Community. If you are curious about the development of multiple Homebrew projects or just a fan of PSP Homebrew in general → Join the Discord here!

PSP 3004 Giveaway is the home of multiple Homebrew/Indie projects that the PSP-side of IndieDB en ModDB might be familiar with. Hosting 10+ projects for platforms like the Sony PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo DS and Windows, FJM Homebrew has also been active with competitions and giveaways.

There are a few requirements for this giveaway. Shipping will be paid for by FJM Homebrew but if there are any additional import costs, those will be for the winner. Furthermore, the giveaway is for fans and subscribers only. So for the full rules list, feel free to visit this link right here! Be sure to subscribe to the channel right here as well.

Revamping projects + source on GitHub

With the resurrected interest in Homebrews and indie gaming on Sony PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, we're planning to be active on this matter again. With active monitoring the scene and upcoming projects, we want to report the relevant events.

Also, with more than ten Homebrew projects, we want to be active with releasing never-before seen projects to the masses. Exclusive version will see the light of day and can make their way to your handheld. The current projects that will be updated are:

  • @Sonymon
  • Rayman PSP

Revamped Sonymon

There has been a draft version for the Sonymon Homebrew project since 2017. This version never has seen the light of day. That could change in the future with the increasing interest in Homebrew games.

In Sonymon the player can battle against wild creatures and many more adventures can be explored in this game. But beware of the legendary creatures There is a small chance you’ll see this Sonymon in wild. Created by the founder of KosmicSoft Development.


Sonymon is an amazing game, and back when it first released, one of a kind PSP Homebrew. Many people kept comparing Sonymon with Pokémon. The revamped version will have a graphical overhaul. Below you can see some concept art created for this newer update:


You can download current version of Sonymon (0.4) right now on the download link below:


Rayman PSP

Rayman PSP is a Homebrew engine of the original Rayman platform. This has been since 2012 in beta version. However, there are never before released stages that are yet to see the light of day. What better moment to get the project some relevancy than now?


Another way to justify the resurgence of the PSP Homebrew scene is with some in-house statistics. Since the foundation of FJM Homebrew (and the predecessor there have been lots of downloads.


With Mario Kart PSP being the most downloaded project.

That being said, be sure to take a look on our homepage by clicking the logo below:

FJM Homebrew   Company logo icon

Duck Hunt PSP 1.3 is now available!

Duck Hunt PSP 1.3 is now available!


Some weeks ago, you there was a poll open on our blog. Those who wanted to see a new Duck Hunt PSP update, could vote for it. So, now the new update has...

Duck Hunt PSP 1.3 is in development!

Duck Hunt PSP 1.3 is in development!

News 1 comment

You voted for a new "Duck Hunt PSP" update, and that's what you'll get! The project will be revived after a long time, and you can expect some new stuff...

How to install Duck Hunt on your PSP

How to install Duck Hunt on your PSP

Installers Tutorial

This will show you how to install Duck Hunt on your PSP. It is easy, so don't worry...

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Duck Hunt PSP 1.3

Duck Hunt PSP 1.3

Full Version 2 comments

This is the 4th stable version of Duck Hunt PSP, this is v1.3. This version has a new "Horror" version, a new main menu and various bugfixes.

Duck Hunt PSP 1.2

Duck Hunt PSP 1.2

Full Version

This is the 3rd stable version of Duck Hunt PSP, this is 1.2. This version has a new HD version, and various bugfixes.

SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

I wonder how much criticism you get that makes you clear out the comments every time you update this "game"

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FouadtjuhMaster Creator
FouadtjuhMaster - - 11 comments

Care to explain?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

Out of all the comments you could actually undelete you decided to go 3 years back when nobody gave a ****, and still expected it to fool me.

We all know of those reviews and comments that you cleared out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
FouadtjuhMaster Creator
FouadtjuhMaster - - 11 comments

well, it doesn't take much to fool an idiot like you though

Reply Good karma+2 votes
SeniorMeatbox - - 1,274 comments

Uh Huh.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
EddyThePiggy - - 500 comments

FoundjuhMaster----Master of the ".lua"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Fxuad - - 53 comments

hahahah thanks, but I wish i was...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
juicytoot - - 1,640 comments

Moving to lua 3d is the next step

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Fxuad - - 53 comments


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Desticurve - - 384 comments

good job bro, youve been busy!

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