Dragons of Elanthia is a fast-paced and high-flying multiplayer shooter that puts you in control of a powerful and ancient dragon! Set in a world wracked by uncontrolled magic, the game features an ever-expanding roster of dragons and riders.

  • Mix and match characters!
    Pick from six powerful dragons and six legendary riders to find a combination that suits your play style. Or just find the combination you need to counter your opponent’s!
  • Blast ‘em out of the skies!
    We wanted every dragon and every rider to feel different in a fight, so we're working tirelessly to make each and every one of their abilities unique and interesting. Want to get up in your enemy’s face and blast them? There’s a dragon for that. Want to slowly whittle them down from a distance? We’ve got a rider you’ll like.
  • Free to play, NOT pay to win!
    Dragons of Elanthia will be 100% free to play, and we mean that. We want this game to be accessible to everyone, and that means keeping the playing field level between free and paid players.
  • Level up!
    The riders and dragons you use in a match gain experience over time, leveling up and becoming even stronger!
  • Game modes for everyone!
    From classic deathmatch to full-blown sieges, there’s always something exciting to jump in on. And of course, we’re always working on new modes to really get the most out of our dragons.
  • Spectate away!
    Don’t have time to play? Just want to watch and learn? Our dedicated spectator mode lets you fly around a match and focus on what you want.
  • Massive, beautiful maps!
    Play in a wide variety of environments, from magic-scarred canyons to dormant volcanoes! The world is a dangerous and beautiful place with this many dragons around, and the terrain offers strategic advantages to those who learn it.
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Beta sign-ups


Beta sign-ups for Dragons of Elanthia are now open - visit our website today. We'll be selecting our first round of testers very soon; in the meantime check out our site for more news and information about the dragons and riders in the game.

Dragons of Elanthia


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