Curse of Life is a First-Person Puzzle Adventure game. Experience a dark and mysterious Ancient Egypt, your very soul has been cursed and you cannot die - your consciousness just passes into another body.

Will you keep the Eternal Curse or get rid of it?



The Gods have cursed your soul making you unable to die. Once you die, your soul is reincarnated into one of the slaves. It's time, for you to take advantage of this immortality.


Some say if you disturb the Temples, you will die a horrible death. Many Puzzles and Obstacles will stand in your way in order to complete the Cleansing Rituals.


"Curse of Life" brings the player into a dark side of Ancient Egypt. Explore the Ancient Temples and Towns and discover untold secrets about the Eternal Curse.

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Dev Log 20 - Feeling Golden?


Development Log

Hello everyone!

In this Dev Log, we will show you some of the golden models made for Curse of Life. These include quest props, curtains and even an epic temple door.

First of all, thanks for showing interest in our development logs and we're sorry for not uploading much this last week. We are cooking up a new trailer and promo art that I'm sure you will see soon.

Following the last few Dev Logs where we talked about research, we will follow the Egyptian motifs and we need models that represent that culture. Apart from the architecture and people, we need some gameplay items that we call "artifacts." These models are essentially "quest items" that the player will receive upon completion of a quest and some just purely visual.

In the first image, the two models to the left are very popular egyptian motifs: the Ankh and the Eye of Horus. To model these, I search for a top-view image of these motifs, import it to blender as an image and simply modelled them using that image. From the top-view, by extruding the base from a cylinder following the template, you can achieve the shape desired. Then, you can taper it in the ends and add more volume in the Z-axis.

Blender 1/5

As you can see, the ruby is also a cohesive element throughout these models. The necklace was made out from a human mesh, where you select the neck area you want the necklace to be and extrude it out. After a couple bevels and subsurface modifiers you should have a nice necklace. The chain necklace is more complex, in which I created a chain with a precious stone hanging from it. To embellish it further, I used a model that comes up next!

Blender 2/5

This is the most difficult model thus far as it's very intricate with many different elements.

To model the Winged Scarab, I used the same technique as the Eye of Horus where you start with a cylinder and extrude according to the reference. To simplify the model, I used the same model for every six legs, and one model to make up the wings.

Blender 3/5

This is a fancier doorframe where I utilized the models showed beforehand as golden details. The door slides open to the left and right, so they need to be exported individually to be animated properly.

Blender 4/5

Here, I make use of older models to produce something greater. In the Cat statue I used the rubies and a necklace previously modelled. Then I used this statue to design the throne - here I also used the Ankh and wings from the scarab. Same with the chest and mirror where I used elements from the Eye of Horus and a pillar from before.

Blender 5/5

The final touch is a big royal bed. The design was made from these models in the front. Then I used the Array modifier and put the stands on the corners and the frieze below the edges. This frieze was made inside Blender using circles, and half circles, joining them and applying the Skin modifier.

Curtains are made from a cloth simulation that I will help you in an upcoming Dev Log ;)


There you have it! A big part of this secret room inside Curse of Life is made up of GOLD. Exploration will surely be rewarded!

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram and follow us here, on indieDB.

Curse of Life

Dev Log 19 - Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Dev Log 19 - Floors, Walls & Ceilings


Today, we'll show you another kind of models that will add much DETAIL to each room inside the temples.

Dev Log 18 - We need structure: Pillars & Arches

Dev Log 18 - We need structure: Pillars & Arches


Come take a look at pillars, arches and stalagmites that will allow us to spice up a level and make it more interesting.

Dev Log 17 - HUGE! Landmark Models

Dev Log 17 - HUGE! Landmark Models


We'll shed a light on the importance of silhouettes and organizing yourself when tackling a huge "problem": a bridge and an aqueduct!

Dev Log 16 - Props! Props Here!!

Dev Log 16 - Props! Props Here!!


Small models like tools, vases, chairs and cutlery don't require much polishment so they're there for you in these hard times as an artist. Work smart...

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Curse of Life - Pre-Alpha - 1.0.0

Curse of Life - Pre-Alpha - 1.0.0

Demo 1 comment

Added sounds, updated the interface and added the second temple! Please tell us what you think! :D

Curse of Life - Testing

Curse of Life - Testing

Demo 5 comments

This build is in the fourth version. Still in early stages of development! Feel free to Download and Play! Curse of Life is a First-Person Puzzle Adventure...

LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Looks amazing!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Long-Legged-Crow Creator
Long-Legged-Crow - - 6 comments

Thank you ^^! We currently have a Demo for you to try out if you want.
It has a lot of performance issues due to lighting and we are trying to upload an updated version where we address this issue.
Be sure to check it out later this week!

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