A roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. Survive fifty waves without losing your core. Choose a reward, update your build, survive the next wave, repeat. Highly replayable through permadeath, randomization and challenging difficulty levels. Just one more wave, just one more run!

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It took a while, but finally it's there: the big content update with wall stacking, random status zones, void zones, a new tower, several tower and ability reworks and a few fixes here and there! I sure hope you like this update, but as always: do send feedback my way!


  • All overload levels now have an increasing amount of randomized void zones which restrict building and enemy movement
  • There now are temporary buff and debuff zones appearing randomly every ten waves
  • New mob Agitator creates frenzy zones on the path
  • You can now stack walls up to 10 times, granting 1% bonus range per stack to the tower on them
  • You now have an option in the settings to always show tower ranges

190 zones


  • All healing units and abilities now heal a percentage of the target's max health
  • Healing against the core is now only 50% as effective
  • Speed status effect has been removed, Frenzy now affects both movement and attack speed
  • Slow status effect now affects both movement and attack speed
  • Defiant no longer is immune to statuses, instead it can only have one status effect at a time
  • Healray was reworked and can now overheal targets up to 100% additional health
  • Radiate ability was reworked and now drops radiation zones
  • Sniper was reworked, no longer gets a damage bonus for far away targets but now has a minimum range and gets bonus damage per kill
  • The Core now has a normal health bar
  • Ion Cannon Damage upgrade stacks 15 🡆 20
  • When adjusting music and effect volume in the settings, you now get an instant preview while sliding

vlcsnap 2020 11 25 14h49m52s775


  • Profiles with names containing non-latin characters are now saved properly
  • The game no longer softlocks when building your maze before picking your first tower
  • On window sizes between 1280p and 1920p all UI elements should be properly sized again
  • Changing the language while on the map while choosing a reward now shows the right button

vlcsnap 2020 11 05 11h54m33s573

"Leaving Early Access" (1.7.0-beta)

"Leaving Early Access" (1.7.0-beta)


Good news, everyone! This is the last big patch of the early access phase before the Steam release on July 31, 2020.

Core Defense has new update: "Community Content" (1.6.0-beta)

Core Defense has new update: "Community Content" (1.6.0-beta)


At long last the new update is done and it's a big one! A big thank you goes out to the community who helps make this game the best it can be!

"The Procedural Patch" (1.5.0-beta)

"The Procedural Patch" (1.5.0-beta)


After weeks of working on "The Procedural Patch" the new version of Core Defense is out now – with the russian translation, a new tower, balancing changes...

Core Defense now has a free demo!

Core Defense now has a free demo!


Good news everyone! Core Defense now has a free demo so you can try before you buy! I’m very happy about that and thought that’s reason enough to...

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