After an catastrophic explosion you and your cargo ship become stuck on a foreign planet. Luckily you have Wordsworth, a artificially intelligent survival assistant who will guide your survival and keep you company while you wait for the rescue ship to arrive.

However, keeping yourself alive will be the easiest part of your stay. Ravaging hallucinations of your fear and stress threaten you at every turn. In order to see your life as you knew it again you will have to conquer the demons of your mind.


Contingency's gameplay mixes exploration platforming, fast paced combat and frequent weapon strategy decisions. You will discover a number of enemies all with different strengths and weaknesses. Weapon upgrades will allow you to best conquer the different enemy challenges you encounter. Suit upgrades will let you navigate terrain differently and complete new challenges.

  • Encounter different enemies and challenges with every run
  • Choose weapon upgrades frequently to beat challenges
  • Discover many animals and collect unique items
  • Discover a strange narrative and learn why the mysterious shadow man is following you
  • Get to know Wordsworth and his terrible sense of humor
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I've been working on tons of misc things, many of which I won't be posting for spoiler reasons.

I will show several random things that haven't been shown before.

Here's a clip of the changes to the final boss battle. The first phase includes the shadowman spawning many random enemies.

User Posted Image

Here are some pictures of some consumable items that you can create, flowers. There are 3 different types all of which have different properties when consumed.

The blue flower takes away any negative debuff you have when consumed.

User Posted Image

The green flower improves the amount of health you get when you eat food.

User Posted Image

The red flower turns you on fire for a while after you consume it (sounds dumb but it can be useful).

User Posted Image

I also wanted to show a mechanic that I like a lot, how you can pour juice on the ground. It can interacts with several things in the world. One basic example is how your can pour fruit juice on meat to change it's color. Once the meat is a different color, it gives stat bonus in addition to restoring health.

User Posted Image

Lastly, I've changed how leveling up works a bit. Each different suit has 1 stat that will improve each time you earn an upgrade. Blue suit upgrades damage, red suit upgrades movement speed and the purple suit upgrades health.

User Posted Image

CONTINGENCY Devlog - BOSS Mini-Bosses

CONTINGENCY Devlog - BOSS Mini-Bosses


Randomly generated boss attack patterns. Why are big monsters always so angry?

Devlog - CONTINGENCY Dungeon Generation

Devlog - CONTINGENCY Dungeon Generation


Fresh and clean (but yet dank and gross) dungeons every run!

Contingency Devlog - Music Generation

Contingency Devlog - Music Generation


I found randomly generated music to be the best solution for randomly generated action.

Contingency's Twist on Crafting Requires Skill, Not Just Memory

Contingency's Twist on Crafting Requires Skill, Not Just Memory

Feature 2 comments

In this rogue-lite, knowing the recipe is just the start to the crafting gameplay.

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