Go where few have gone and do what no one has done before. Build your base on the lunar surface to support and grow a colony of humans. Feed them, keep them warm, give them oxygen and in return they will support you in your goal of creating advanced technology and mining the Moons resources for use back on Earth? Can you make a successful base and become rich beyond your wildest dreams or will you find out the hard way that humans need more oxygen than you thought? Find out how well you can handle life on the next frontier with Colonisation: Moon Base!

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Its nearly up! the last 2 days of the campaign and your last chance to get some exclusive stuff and make the game a success!

We are still at the present time £2,000 away, thats a lot to go! so if you like the idea and want to make the game a success please help support us by pledging to the campaign.

Don't forget you can also join in on the forums, follow us on greenlight as well as facebook and twitter

Don't forget the AMA too on reddit, ask me anything, don't be shy!

Ask me anything

Ask me anything


I am holding an 'AMA' over at reddit for anyone that has questions regarding the game, development or myself.

Colonisation: Moonbase Kickstarter

Colonisation: Moonbase Kickstarter

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Colonisation Moonbase needs your help in raising funds to complete the games development via kickstarter.

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