Master the powers of three Celtic Heroes in this hand-drawn action platformer! Solve challenging puzzles, slay unworldly demons, and cross beautiful landscapes by swapping instantly between characters. Featuring an all-original Celtic soundtrack and art and mythology drawn from Celtic tradition!

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The Celtic indie platformer is notable for its gameplay; based around swapping between three characters to initiate combat and solve puzzles - as well as its unique visual style, drawing many comparisons to the golden era of Disney animation.

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Clan O’Conall launched this April following a Kickstarter campaign the previous year. Initially facing a troubled production due to COVID-related quarantine and the closure of game expos in 2020, the game was buoyed to its release through a dedicated group of fans, streamers and influencers who supported the title during its crowdfunding period and in its open beta prior to release.

Inspired by the rich tales of Celtic folklore, Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag in an epic journey set in the land of Hibernia. Action-packed adventure awaits players on their travels through a hand-crafted world of Mortals, Fae, magic and natural wonder.

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  • A system of character swapping that lets players move, fight, and explore freely as they swap on a whim.
  • A stunning, hand-crafted 2D visual style reminiscent of classical animation.
  • A full and vibrant world pulled from the tapestry of Celtic mythology.
  • A robust character building system that expands on a cast of well-developed, dynamic heroes
  • An original Celtic score composed by MoonWalk Audio

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Clan O’Conall will advance to the finalist category of the event, being held later in November of this year.

Find “Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag” on Steam:

About HitGrab Game Labs:
HitGrab Game Labs is an award-winning game studio with a history of building innovative social and casual games for audiences across the globe. HitGrab released its flagship title, MouseHunt, in March of 2008, and became one of the first leaders in the Facebook social game space. Today, MouseHunt enjoys a 13-year tenure as one of the longest-lived social-idle games in active development. HitGrab has continued to create new experiences for players with mobile casual titles such as GummyBlast Challenge, and PC/console titles like Clan O'Conall and the Crown of the Stag, and the studio is continuing to expand eagerly into other game and lifestyle app spaces. Founded by Bryan Freeman in 2006, and led by CEO Jonathan Stanton-Humphreys, HitGrab is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

About the Nordic Game Discovery Contest:
Building on fourteen years of organising successful games industry activities, including the annual Nordic Game conference, regional funding programs, overseas networking events and other developer support initiatives, Nordic Game launched the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) in 2016 – an exciting, competitive challenge where selected game projects are showcased live in pitch competitions at partner events across Europe and around the globe. Learn more about all the NGDC Season IV qualifiers – and get ready for Season V right here.

About the Nordic Game conference:
Nordic Game is the leading games conference in Europe, and 2021 marks its nineteenth and twentieth editions. Gathering thousands of industry professionals in Malmö annually, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Nordic Game doubles up again with NG21 on 26-28 May and in November, following last year’s digital debut at NG20 and twice the knowledge, emotion and business at NG20+.

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