Welcome to our IndieDB page for our brand new 3D platformer Billie Bust Up! A cute story driven game featuring Goat and Fox Duo Billie and Oscar! Play alone or with a friend in optional co-op mode! Just a quick warning but our game is still in very early pre-alpha stages, and with a team of 3 people development can be slow! We hope to keep you updated along the way, we are fully open to feedback.


We hope you enjoy our game and what we have to offer! You can sign up for testing on our Discord and follow more frequent updates on our Twitter and Facebook!

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Weekly Billie Bust Update - 24/03/2018

In this weekly update we look more into the finished rig for the Cat Pirates and Billies new mechanics, this includes a tightrope mechanic inspired by 3D Platformer Sly Raccoon and Psychonauts.


Our first major update was moving to Unreal Engine 4.19, our game uses physics based animation with Billies ears, tail, hair and bell, and Oscars tail and ears. UE4 4.19 allows for stable physics so the player won't have any problems with unpredictable floppy ears during gameplay!

We've also finished animating and rigging the Cat Pirates for World 1, this includes animating their eyes and mouth and setting up the control system in Maya.

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Here's a video showing our rig animation stress test, where we try to break the rig and find flaws or problems with the rig before dedicating time to full animation, it leads to some pretty extreme and hilarious results

Let's talk Mechanics Updates Next! The following changes from last week:

  • Billie now blinks
  • Oscar will emote when Billie does
  • Billie can now crawl, animation is still in its block out pass
  • Billie now has a goat tail
  • Improvements made to roll and long jump, roll uses root motion for more predictable results

That's it for this weeks Billie Bust Update, next week we will be focusing on

  • Fish models and fish AI for underwater sections
  • Fat Cat Pirate Model
  • Improvements to tightrope mechanics, including physics rope
  • Otter low poly model and texture
  • Improves to NPC UI

Thanks for reading, but before you go check out this weeks amazing Fanart Feature!

Fanart Feature


Callie sharing a hug with the chubby kitty from last weeks update by Blaze984 over on twitter!


Lou! A character design and winner from our contest designed and drawn by Ashlee Ortiz over on Twitter


Billie and Oscar show some love to their audience! Drawn by Josh McGee over on Twitter

Thank you to all the fantastic artists for sharing their amazing art for us and drawing our characters<3

Social Media

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Cat Pirate Enemies - Sneak Peak

Cat Pirate Enemies - Sneak Peak

News 1 comment

We take a behind the scenes look at our Cat Pirate Enemies for World 1!

Spire/Wall Jump

Spire/Wall Jump

Feature 3 comments

Taking a look at the base mechanics for Billie Bust Up.

Billie Bust Update - Tightropes and Improved Character Movement

Billie Bust Update - Tightropes and Improved Character Movement


Billie and Oscar receive character movement upgrades by using locomotion to bend the characters body to match their directional movement. We also take...

Character Contest Closes + New Character Model

Character Contest Closes + New Character Model


Our character contest ended today and we've had just over 60 entries in total! We also have our high poly sculpt almost complete for the cat pirates for...


Looks fun

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