Counter Strike and Deus Ex mixed in one jaw-dropping game!

Bolt Logan is an unusual man. Four years in the Expedition Corps, 17 forgotten by humanity though a long time ago thousands of colonists had single-man operations on behalf of the Protectorate Federation, 23 been lured into travelling many light years to begin a new life. The planets private assignments - all successful. He was a rising star. Suddenly a time of Valkyria also provided a rich source of materials rare enough for many of great change came. Senate dissolved the Expedition Corps and Logan corporations to break the law in order to get hold of them. Started to lead the uncertain life of a mercenary. That is when he met „Chrome” is an unusual story...

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Chrome and Chrome SpecForce on Sale!

Save more than 50% when buying the Bundle on steam before January 2nd.

Chrome is a SCi-Fi tactical Ego-shooter developed by Techland (Dead Island) back in 2003.

In this Action packed shooter the right Tactic is the key to survival!
To take advantage of your implants at the right moment is a requirement to overcome your opponents.

Key features are:

  • Operate vehicles including four wheelers, anti-gravity speeders or even walkers
  • Use implants and become a "stealth assassin" or a "living tank"
  • Battle trough 16 single player missions and 8 exclusive multiplayer maps
  • Explore a variety of vast locations including luxuriant tropical forests, rocky deserts, snowy glaciers, futuristic complexes, military bases and orbital stations
  • Equip yourself with more than 15 kinds of weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers and stationary cannons and cause some serious damage
  • Shoot it out using every available weapon, vehicle and implant with up to 32 opponents in multiplayer mode
  • Challenge other players in 5 multiplayer modes - Assault, Capture The Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Team Domination
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Sliding Movement Fix [NO FPS CAP]

Sliding Movement Fix [NO FPS CAP]


Fixes the sliding movement without capping max FPS. Enjoy the game at 300 frames per second without a weird, annoying movement.

3DA version ID switcher

3DA version ID switcher

Full Version 3 comments

Small tool for changing 3DA version identifier. Created by Roadtrain. Includes source code and a spec sheet on the 3DA model format.

ChromeEd official manual

ChromeEd official manual


This is the official ChromeEd editing manual. Created by Techland. It goes over how to build your own custom level using the official editor included...

RTX.conf for Chrome

RTX.conf for Chrome


This package contains the necessary rtx.conf and bridge.conf files to run Chrome with RTX Remix. Place it in the root directory where the Remix runtime...

RTX.conf for Chrome


RTX Remix conf file for Chrome, NVIDIA's modding platform.

Born 2 Die textures/models

Born 2 Die textures/models

Mapping Tool

This is an archive of models and textures created by B2D for use when making their custom levels.

Rus_Demo - - 71 comments

Unreal:The Chrome (Classic)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
^Vadim_Chistyakov^ - - 83 comments

Good game)
I liked to play it)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Blue199 - - 6,971 comments

Anyone wanna remake this game?

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