Ciao guys,
we are glad to show you Chico.

Chico is not a game in the way you think, even if you will be able to loot and craft; it is something we can call a screensaver customizer ( what you craft in the game is what you get in the screen saver ).

Our hero ( who’s named Chico ) finds himself alone on the peak of a mountain in the middle of nowhere ( somewhere in the far west ); he can only get resources to create tools or buildings which might be useless during gameplay, but for sure will make his own life better, giving him a lot of different things to do in his free time ( when you are not forcing that poor guy to do something boring indeed ). For example if you get to build an hammock you might see Chico while taking some rest in your coffee time as soon as the screen saver starts ( or maybe not ).

The gameplay is very simple and intuitive because, as we’ve already said, the game purpose is to give you the ability to customize your own screensaver and thus see how Chico enjoys himself doing exciting sports like throwing stones against condors and more.


  • Day-night cycle
  • Looting and crafting systems
  • Screen Saver integrated
  • Customizable time speed ( time is set to your timezone )
  • Inventory manager


  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Water
  • Sandstone
  • String

Useful tools and buildings

  • Axe
  • Pick
  • Knife
  • Rope
  • Hammer
  • Workbench
  • Storage

Free time ( screensaver only )

  • Campfire
  • Hut
  • Hammock
  • WC
  • Shave toilet…..
  • …..and much more

Our plan is to support the game with constant updates and thus releasing new tools and buildings to get Chico’s free time more comfortable.

That’s our idea, let us know what you think about it.

Stay tuned:

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The DayNight Cycle


Hey cowboys,

today we are going to talk about one of the most exciting features sported by Chico: the day-night cycle system.

Since Chico is basically a screen saver and it may go on forever ( sometimes coffee break can last hours ) it would be boring if our poor hero had always to be hanging around in the daylight.

The day-night cycle we implemented in Unity has a lot of features in order to give the world a beautiful appearance by rendering some specific colors for the sky, the sun, the light, the ground and some more ( I don’t remember all of them ) at different times of the day; here a screenshot from the Unity inspector:


The first thing we had to set up is the Unity procedural skybox needed to show the sky itself; the Unity skybox also includes the sun ( unfortunately not the moon ) and a powerful shader to achieve some interesting effects, such as for example atmosphere thickness, equator convergence, sun color and size. As you can see in the inspector the day has been splitted in four parts, each one holding colors and other specific settings which are then interpolated one another to reach the desired result.

On startup the day-night cycle system will set the game day time in order to match the timezone you are living in ( so if you run the game at midnight and you can’t see Chico walking alone on the peak think he might be sleeping ) and you will see the sky changing slowly like it happens in real life; in fact an entire cycle will last 24 hours by default, unless you speed it up like we did ripping the following video ( you will be allowed to speed up or slow down the time in the option menu ).

During the night our hero can even look at the stars if he has an insomniac; in fact we have realized a spherical shaped particle system ( don’t worry, it is a very very light particle system ) in order to recreate the whole starry sky.

Another great feature concerns the buildings which you can build all around: many, if not all, of them are provided with a candle near the entrance; each one is then managed by the day-night cycle system which will light all the candles up when the night comes, giving the game some amazing lighting effects ( our Chico also have a torch while hanging around at midnight ).

That’all for today folks.

As ever, if you have any suggestions feel free to message us.


The Workbench

The Workbench


Lost on the peak of a mountain with no way to leave our poor Chico needs to find an amusing way to pass the time… and what’s better than doing some...

Moustache And Beard

Moustache And Beard


As the days go by our Chico will grow a pair of cowboy moustache and a thick beard!!!

The Campfire

The Campfire


The night could be very cold in the far west, so Chico will given the opportunity to craft a campfire to keep warm and do a lot of other exciting things...

The Storage

The Storage


A new building: The storage for keep material and use them as needed.

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