Ciao guys,
we are glad to show you Chico.

Chico is not a game in the way you think, even if you will be able to loot and craft; it is something we can call a screensaver customizer ( what you craft in the game is what you get in the screen saver ).

Our hero ( who’s named Chico ) finds himself alone on the peak of a mountain in the middle of nowhere ( somewhere in the far west ); he can only get resources to create tools or buildings which might be useless during gameplay, but for sure will make his own life better, giving him a lot of different things to do in his free time ( when you are not forcing that poor guy to do something boring indeed ). For example if you get to build an hammock you might see Chico while taking some rest in your coffee time as soon as the screen saver starts ( or maybe not ).

The gameplay is very simple and intuitive because, as we’ve already said, the game purpose is to give you the ability to customize your own screensaver and thus see how Chico enjoys himself doing exciting sports like throwing stones against condors and more; for the same reason we have also introduced a new sandbox mode.


  • Day-night cycle
  • Looting and crafting systems ( Survivale mode )
  • Sandbox mode
  • Screen Saver integrated
  • Customizable time speed ( time is set to your timezone )
  • Inventory manager


  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Water
  • Sandstone
  • String

Useful tools and buildings

  • Axe
  • Pick
  • Knife
  • Rope
  • Hammer
  • Workbench
  • Storage

Free time ( screensaver only )

  • Campfire
  • Hut
  • Hammock
  • WC
  • Shave toilet…..
  • …..and much more

Our plan is to support the game with constant updates and thus releasing new tools and buildings to get Chico’s free time more comfortable.

That’s our idea, let us know what you think about it.

Stay tuned:

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Chico - AI And More


we have a great news for you today.

Recently we was thinking about the opportunity to let Chico customize the peak he’s living on by himself, that is without any help from you; in this way you could for example start the screensaver before taking your coffee break ( remember, you can also let Windows launch the screensaver by clicking somewhere in the option menu )... anyway, as I said, you can take your coffee break and once you come back to your PC you might say: "Wait, I never built that hut… and what?! Cooking stuff next to the toilette?! What's happening here!!!"... or something like that.

In this fresh update you can click to a button in the main menu which is intended for enable/disable the Chico's AI; this means that you can still customize the screensaver if you want, but you don't have to... just let Chico do some hard work for you.

That's not all yet, we have another little update; we are not bad guys, so we don't want Chico to leave all alone on a peak in the middle of nowhere; he needs a friend, someone to talk with... so now he has a new friend: a cow.


Thanks for supporting Chico: we are really taking into account your reviews and suggestions, without which we would not be able to make Chico even better.

That's all folks.


Chico - The Painter's Easel

Chico - The Painter's Easel


Hi everyone, this is a very small update we want to show you today: the painter’s easel together with its animation.

Chico - In Screensaver Loot And More

Chico - In Screensaver Loot And More


Hello, in this new update we are going to show you some new animations we added to the screensaver mode.

Chico - Ghost, Cauldron And More

Chico - Ghost, Cauldron And More


Hello, here we are again with a new update that mainly concerns new content.

Chico - Sandbox And More

Chico - Sandbox And More


Hi everyone, Chico has been in early access for a while now and we have already got some valuable feedback helping us find out where our next step should...

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