Argghhhhhh! Bored o’ those landlover match three games? Then you’ve found the right game ye’ scurvy scalawag. Welcome to Chests O’ Booty! Become a pirate capt…. errr…. accountant on the high seas and organize yer Booty before yer chest becomes too heavy and yer ship sinks from all that unorganized plunder.

How it works:

Click on a group of coins to combine their values into a single coin. You can also knock out coins if they are in the way.

Five 1 coins will turn into one 5 coin.

Two 5 coins will turn into 10 coin.
Five 10 coins turn into one 50 coin.
Two 50 coins turn into one 100 coin.
Five 100 coins turn into one 500 coin.
Two 500 coins and you have earned a Skull Token!

Casual Mode

Play for as long as you like.

Timed Mode

In Timed Mode the goal is to collect points by upgrading coins. Keep the clock running with each coin upgraded.

Versus Mode

In Versus Mode the goal is to sink your opponent’s ship before they sink yours. Purchase offensive or defensive maneuvers by combining coins to create Skull Tokens.

Once you've acquired Skull Tokens you can perform a variety of dastardly deeds. You can fill your opponent’s chest with grog, convert 5 of their coins into fool’s gold, or shoot a bomb into their chest. To win the game you'll need to drop enough bombs into their chest to sink their ship. If they are fast enough, they can knock out the bombs before they explode so combine
maneuvers to make it more difficult.

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Chests O' Booty sets sail!


We've shipped our latest game "Chests O' Booty" on The game is a puzzler that will keep you organizing plunder for hours in the casual and timed modes. In the versus mode perform dastardly deeds on yer friends and foe while seeing who can organize their plunder the quickest.

We have decided to let you grab a copy for whatever price you would like. So what are you waiting for?Click on the link above and start organizing yer plunder!

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The "pay what you want" sale for Chests O' Booty will be ending today so grab it now!

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"Chests O' Booty" has finally shipped. Pick up your copy today for any price at

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We just posted Chests O' Booty to Steam's Greenlight section! Please vote for our game.

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