Champions of Tomorrow is a frantic first-person online arena shooter. Choose from a roster of unique characters, and change your abilities to better fit your playstyle! Alone or with a team, join the ultimate battle of the Universe and fight for the glory of your people!

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Texturing the map! #05


Hey everyone!

This week we have been working more on the art side of the game since we feel it’s been a little left out lately. So a couple weeks ago we showed you a bit of our process on how we design the map and what was the base theme for it. This week we wanted to show you the progress we’ve been having with texturing the environment, please note that some textures are not final and might be subjected to change as well as the light is just base light it's not baked or corrected yet :).

So that said let’s dig in!

These are some screenshot's that show the current state of the textures on the outside of the map.

Outside 2

Outside 3

Outside 4

Here's a closer look at the inside of these buildings!


Inside 2

Inside 3

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoyed this (rather small) part of our progress and we’ll see you next week!

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Character Improvements #04

Character Improvements #04

News 2 comments

This week we bring another update, this time regarding our most advanced character, Saya, and her 1st person animations.

Building the Map, brick by brick!

Building the Map, brick by brick!


Hello everyone! Today we’re sharing the progress made so far in our Arena, from early concepts to the stage we’re at. Let’s dive in!

Meet our Champions!

Meet our Champions!


Hello again everyone! Today we wanted to share some more in depth info about our Champions, from their unique abilities to their backstories.

Welcome to Champions of Tomorrow!

Welcome to Champions of Tomorrow!


Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post about our new project, Champions of Tomorrow! We'll go into some detail about our work and the game's development...

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