Celestian Tales: Old North is a traditional-styled narrative-driven RPG. Instead of the most common storyline of 'chosen one saving the world', it takes a more mature theme of grey concepts of faiths, freedom, and justice. In this game spanning three decades, your decisions come with consequences for the future. Will you face the world of tomorrow that you shaped, or will you run from it?


  • Six playable characters with differing play experiences. Each character has deep personality, combat style, equipments, private stories, cut scenes, special arts, and decisions to be made in the game.
  • Multiple conclusions for each character, totalling more than fifteen possible variations, affected by your own choices throughout the game.
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay time per character.
  • Well-written fantasy setting and lores raising real-world issues which will connect deeper with your own life stories.
  • Compelling storyline spanning three decades, following the characters' journey of life while they grow and mature from their experiences.
  • Dynamic encounters which turns combat encounters into a form of entertainment itself. Hide from enemies, learn the nature of their movements, avoid them or just bash them all -- it depends on how you want to play the game.
  • Tactically revamped classic combat with turn-based resource-management system. Combat puts emphasis on strategy and team customization, enough to keep you up but not too much that it turns boring and distracts the focus on narrative.
  • Rewarding explorations, optional side quests and light mini-games make their return to restore the nostalgic feelings of an old school RPG.


: Ekuatorgames.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Twitter: Twitter.com

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We've been silent for a couple months now, but it's not because Ekuator Games has stopped developing. On the contrary, we've been redesigning and revamping the game into a higher level while still retaining the basic concepts -- a classic-style RPG which brings you quality storyline.

Instead of using pixel art tiled background, Celestian Tales uses hand-drawn assets arranged as complex layers in Unity to create its environment. Further enhanced by particle effects and 3D soundscape, the game is still made made in top-down perspective, as it is how Celestian Tales re-imagines the classic into a modern form of RPG.

Other than the environment, we've also redesigned the characters to suit the renewed art direction. While characters retain their personalities, the illustration is changed to aim at the borders of realism and fantasy instead of copying the vintage style. The result is a hybrid of eastern and western art, a blend unique to the game. Instead of standing out on their own, they serve to empower the heavy and mature storyline and take Celestian Tales to a whole new level.

Kickstarter Relaunch

See the preview page here!

These past few months we've been preparing for this moment: the relaunch. We learned a lot from our last attempt, and we're dedicated to make this one a success. Other than all these revamped graphics and audio, there'll be a playable prototype you can download and play.

At this stage, Celestian Tales is not just an idea or concept. We've got real stuffs in our hands, and we have something to prove it. This prototype hopes to convey a message that with your support we are more than capable of making Celestian Tales a reality.

The relaunch will go live on Friday, February 28th, at 11 PM UTC+7. That means 4 PM UTC for the European countries, and 11 AM Eastern Time for those in the US. Would you like to be notified the moment it goes live, you can click on the "Notify me on launch" button on that preview page.

We don't currently open pledges through PayPal, but will do so once the target is reached. However, this option will be closed when the Kickstarter project ends. We wish to honor backers who put their trust on us early. Opening a way to pledge outside of the project duration essentially negates the exclusivity given to our dear backers, and it's not something we want to happen.

We'd like to thank all of you who have supported this project. From the moment of its conception until this day, Celestian Tales has evolved a long way, far from where we thought it could go. The power of community has brought the game up to this point. We wouldn't have been able to get here without you. For that, we sincerely thank you.

Celestian Tales: Old North Upgrades Pixel to Hand Drawn

Celestian Tales: Old North Upgrades Pixel to Hand Drawn

News 3 comments

Not satisfied with pixel arts? Thought that they're *too* retro for your tastes? We heard you, and here's our answer.

Celestian Tales: Old North -- Fifth Character Revealed

Celestian Tales: Old North -- Fifth Character Revealed


Lucienne Leroux joins as a playable character in Celestian Tales: Old North.

Celestian Tales: Old North on Kickstarter

Celestian Tales: Old North on Kickstarter

News 1 comment

Ekuator Games has launched its premier RPG title, Celestian Tales: Old North on Kickstarter. Soft launched a day ago, Celestian Tales: Old North has garnered...

DarkAngelRBL - - 3 comments

I wanna play, I wanna play, I wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaay

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Cipto Creator
Cipto - - 2 comments

Thanks! All the assets are made from scratch by our artists. =D

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Ixor779 - - 60 comments

Looks wonderful.

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