Celestial War takes place in an alternate reality of a near future Earth. Unbeknownst to humans, the Fallen Legions with their demonic slaves have been fighting against the holy Angelic Host for thousands of years. The Third Celestial War is about to begin, the Fallen Legions of Lucifer have
begun to mobilize corrupting humanity in preparation for total war.

In Celestial War, there are 3 distinct and asymmetrical factions: Fallen Legion, Angelic Host, and Humanity.

Fallen Legion
The Fallen Legion is composed of demons and fallen angels serving Lucifer. The Fallen Legion is a heavily macro-management oriented faction. Three fundamental points accomplish how Fallen Legion focuses on dominating and swarming all enemies. First, all Tier-1 demons have no economic cost. Secondly, Tier-2 and Tier-3 units require no tech structure for unlocking. Thirdly, the Fallen Legion only has one structure that produces so there is little base management and they simply focus on producing the right units required and controlling the map for
favorable positioning.

Angelic Host
The Angelic Host is a faction dedicated towards micro-management. The angelic hosts units maintain a 5x power ratio to the demons, and Humanity units. This translates to five times the cost, population cap, damage, health and various other statistics. All Angels possess spiritual auras that benefit all other angels in the vicinity as long as their close. The Angelic Host utilizes powerful abilities to turn the tide against the countless demon hordes. In order for players to focus on the battle at hand, Angelic Host Structures possess powerful defensive capabilities. First, Angelic Host structures float in the air, prevent many units from firing upon them. Secondly, their structures possess various energy-base defense systems.

Humanity is composed of 3 sub-factions: US, European Union, Asian Alliance. Humanity does not heavily focus on micro like the Angelic host, or macro like the Fallen Legion. Rather, they are a traditional RTS faction that exists somewhere in between, the extremities. Humanity play-style exists somewhere in between Fallen Legion and Angelic Host.

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Open Positions


Atmospheric Entry is looking for a competent 2d texture artist and a 3d Animator to work on an exciting RTS prototype.

Project and Aims
Atmospheric Entry is a small, passionate group of individuals seeking to take Real Time Strategy (RTS) to the next level. Our aim is to produce a high quality RTS, and potentially sell the game. Our game, Celestial War, is an innovative RTS balancing the fine line between macro-management and micro-management.

Tools and Technology

Celestial War utilizes engine dubbed FUSE. Our lead programmer, Mike Lankamp is in the process of creating FUSE and its tool-sets. A brief preview of our tools can be viewed here.

Available Positions

Texture Artist Atmospheric Entry is looking for texture artists who can uv-unwrap in addition to produce high quality 256x256, 512x512 textures. Celestial War offers a wide range of models to texture ranging from metallic vehicles such as tanks to demonic creatures of hell. Required Skills:

  • The ability to create and/or modify Uv-maps
  • The ability to create high quality Diffuse, Specular, and Bump maps
  • The ability to think creatively and accept criticism
  • Self motivation and independence

Required Tools:

  • Autodesk 3d max or compatible 3d modeling software
  • Adobe Photoshop or compatible photo editing software
  • Skype for team meetings

Atmospheric Entry is looking for passionate animators who can produce and/or modify custom skeletal rigs. They should be fluent in Autodesk 3D max 2010 or higher in addition to the ability to visualize motions and interactions.
Required Skills

  • Intimate knowledge of 3d Max
  • The ability to create custom skeletons
  • The ability to paint, weight, and modify existing rigs
  • The ability to produce high quality animations
  • Reliability
  • Self Motivation and independence

Required Tools

  • Autodesk 3d Max 2010 or 2011
  • Skype for Team Meetings

All members receive full credit for their work, recommendations, and recognition in game credits. Financial compensation may be possible if/when Celestial War sells.

About us

Atmospheric Entry is a small development team working online. This project presently consists of a project manager/lead designer, a 3d modeler, a 2d graphic artist, a character artist, a concept artist, and a programmer.


In development
Please contact myself at kelathin(at)celestial-war(dot)com

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this is a really intruiging concept cant wait to see what this turns out like ^^

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