This remake, dubbed "Multi-Redux" ( the original multiplayer select title was called "Multi" hence the name ), aims to recreate the original seven multiplayer game modes of "Conker's Bad Fur Day" for PC. The goal is to do this in three non-linear phases:

Phase 1) Faithfully re-create the seven game modes as close to their original form as possible.
Phase 2) Add online functionality on top of the initial 4-player local multiplayer.
Phase 3) Expand upon original content and enable community modding support.

Each phase is discussed more in detail below. These are considered non-linear as it's not my intention to do them one at a time. In other words, I won't wait until all seven game modes are re-created to start adding online functionality, and I won't wait for either phase one or two to start creating expanded content and mod support ( although phase three will likely be the least touched until the former two are much further along ). What exactly will be worked on and in what order will be determined on a case-by-case basis as development progresses. The main focus is on getting things working and accurately portrayed.

Check back on this ModDB page for announcements, news, downloads, and more as the project moves forward!

Phase 1:

All of the original game modes will be re-created. These are:

Beach, Raptor, Heist, Deathmatch, War, Tanks, and Race!

By "faithful", I mean that I'll do all in my power to retain as much from the original as possible. This goes for the models, textures, animations, map layouts, values ( health, movement speed, ammo per clip, timers, etc ), lighting, particles, music, sound effects, player input, HUD, local/split-screen, menus and menu traversal, and basically everything else. I have access to both the physical copy and ROM of the original game, and am doing my best to keep it all the same. It should be noted that there will be no ripped/reused assets from the original game. All of it will be remade, likely just by me.

Some things however won't be exactly as what you'd experience in the original. By design I aim to avoid some technical pitfalls that befell CBFD, most that are relics of the hardware/platform. Initially both the physics and game logic were heavily tied to frame-rate, which introduces speedups and slowdowns as game performance fluctuated. Modern and proper design dictates that this is bad, especially for anything released on PC and even more so if online functionality is introduced. If you ever remember playing with max A.I. spawns on deathmatch and seeing your frame-rate dip to the single digits and have your input and things around you become far less responsive, you know why this isn't desirable. It might have been the lack of power the N64 console had that forced many developers to make their games frame-rate dependent, but nowadays we have more than enough computing power.

Aside from that, other things that won't feel the same include support for aspect ratios that aren't just 4:3, resolutions and output methods far superior to the N64, use of keyboard+mouse and controllers that aren't N64 controllers, and more that again come with the territory of remaking such an older title for PC. I do consider it worthwhile to eventually include options for filters to replicate some of the visual and audio aspects people might have fond memories of ( AV's blurry output, the heavily compressed audio, etc ) but that'll be towards the end of development and if the demand is there.

Due to what will very likely be a much smoother, easily controllable experience, balance in some game modes might feel changed. Weapons such as the sniper rifle will feel buffed as it'll be much easier to control with modern controllers / mice and better input code while weapons such as the throwing knives will feel nerfed as people can see them coming with the higher frame-rate support and crisper visuals. Old strategies you once loved to implement might not be viable anymore!

Lastly, some players might want to exclude any online functionality and expanded content from their PC port experience of these game modes for nostalgia. For this reason there will be an easy toggle on/off of Online + Expansion content for those not interested in them or who'd like to easily separate their two playing experiences.

Phase 2:

While local split-screen will be present, most of us don't have the perfect situation to get such a play session going. CBFD is a very niche game, and while Rare Replay has made the game more accessible and better known, the fact that it also has no online functionality means that you're still stuck with trying to find people around you who'd play. So a major part of this redux is to have online multiplayer and for it to work perfectly. When toggled on, you'll be able to host and join sessions and have access to many of the modern comforts and functionality you'd expect from a networked game.

Hosting: Hosting a server can be achieved one of two ways; dedicated and listen. Dedicated servers will be a separate process running on your machine and don't require you to be running the game in order for people to play on it. If you want to host while playing, a convenient method is to start a listen server from the game itself. You can host a dedicated server and still play on it on the same machine, but for some it's just easier to be able to shut the game down and know your server went down with it. All servers have the option to send regular heartbeats to a master server which will keep track of all servers which are public.

Joining: You can either directly connect to a server via IP/Port + optional password, or use the server browser to filter through public servers. Information such as server name, player count, max players allowed, game mode, latency, etc will be displayed and you can set filters to wade through them better.

Phase 3:

Playing the game modes as they once were is the primary goal, but there are many things I'd personally like to see and experience additionally as well as things that just weren't at all possible given the initial platform the game released on. Nothing in this phase is set in stone and thus is the best chance to get any features and content you'd like to play to be added in! The sky's the limit on this one as we now have access to far greater computing power to what was possible back on the N64 as well as all the modern conveniences of the PC as a platform for modding.

Here are just a few things I hope to include as Expansion content at some point in development:

  • New maps: Both completely original maps made by the community as well as maps targeting certain parts of the story-line content. Such as playing Deathmatch in Windy by the windmill.
  • New game modes: Modes that are either unique to the game as a whole or are heavily based on story-line content. Such as maybe one called Vampire, where one team is vampire bats and the others are villagers.
  • Increased player count: By default the maximum player count is 4 as that was what could be done on the N64 with its local multiplayer. However with the uncapped potential with online functionality and far greater processing power, we shalt not limit ourselves to such a small number! 50v50 War, 10v20 Raptor, maybe even 200 player Deathmatch could all be possible.
  • Increased bot count: Originally, depending on the player count and game mode, the bot count would be limited so that it's still playable on N64 hardware. Even on deathmatch you'd only get a small amount of bots. Having the ability to further increase this number would add to the already chaotic scenarios the game modes offer.
  • New playable characters: Likely just expanding the roster with story-line characters like Rodent or Birdie, but maybe the community would be open to even more.
  • Balance Changes: There are some fairly obvious balance issues in just about every game mode. Exploitable parts in the level, weapons that are simply broken in specific scenarios, etc. Giving the server hosts the option to customize settings outside Classic would definitely be appreciated.

Note that all of these will of course be completely optional to have enabled or used. If you have ideas for Expansion content, get involved in the community such as the sub-reddit or discord server! Do keep in mind that I don't intend to include everyone's ideas ( even if I like them ). Also they might not be made right away even after being accepted upon request. It all depends on the given workload.

F.A.Q. / Tid-bits:

Q: What platforms and operating systems do you intend to target?
A: PC only, and for now Windows will be the main focus. Mac and Linux versions will very likely be available, but won't see as much focus.

Q: What order do you intend to work on the game modes? Which ones get done first?
A: The Classic portion of the project ( phase one ) is broken down into 10 essential parts; The opening cinematic, tavern menu, keg room menu, and all seven game modes. The first game mode to be worked on is Heist. After that it'll depend on what mode others want to see next or whichever one I feel the urge to tackle. The menus and opening will be worked on as time goes.

Q: How powerful of a computer do I need to play?
A: You'll likely be fine if running on lower specs, but this answer will be edited once more concrete measurements are done.

Q: Is it be possible to use a classic N64 controller on the game?
A: Yes! There are USB N64 controllers on the market that you should be able to use for this and many other games. I've also seen adapters for various other retro controllers to be used on PC so there's a good chance you might even be able to dust off your original controllers and use an adapter + software. If there's a big enough group of people wanting to play like this I'll try and add any support that I can for it if there's problems.

Q: I have an idea for Expansion content! Where do I request/suggest it?
A: Mention me on the Discord server or post in the Suggestions channel as that's where I prefer to keep these requests. You can direct message me too but given it'd be better to have others discuss your request it'd be best to post it as such.

Q: Will there be bots or A.I. to play with?
A: They won't be an initial priority, but yes bots will be included.

Q: Will it cost money or have an in-game store at all?
A: No. It'll be 100% monetization free. No ads. No shop/store. No upfront or hidden cost. It's purely a project of fan passion. Maybe later down the line I might open donations for the master server's cost or any other passive costs I might incur but I fully expect to pay for those things and don't feel other fans should take it upon themselves to do so.

Q: Will there be dedicated 24/7 servers up for use?
A: I personally won't be creating a 24/7 dedicated server to play on but that doesn't stop others from doing so. Servers will have names and descriptions in the server browser so they can state in either of those as to if they are set up to be 24/7.

Q: What languages will be supported?
A: American English will be the only official language supported, but I will be encouraging anyone interested in translating it to reach out to me if they feel inclined. Not yet sure if added languages will be considered Expansion content. Any translators that have their work approved for the project will have their username or real name attributed in the distributed ReadMe's "Translators" section if translations occur and possibly attributed in the splash screen.

Q: How can I help with the project if I have no technical skills?
A: Translation to other languages and play-testing are very much appreciated. Also anybody that has access to the original CBFD that can do side-by-side comparisons of it and the project to look for inaccuracy with the recreation would be terrific as the more eyes looking out for differences the better. If you have friends who are interested in CBFD, send them to check this project out.

Q: How long will it take to complete the project or to get to (insert milestone) being done?
A: This I'm entirely unsure of. One week I might be able to invest 20-30 hours, the next I might only be able to do 2-3 hours. Any roadblocks I encounter might also slow progress tremendously. Check either the sub-reddit or discord server to follow the smaller, incremental updates to the project.

Q: Will the project be open source? Can I help with programming/modeling/other?
A: As of writing this the project is closed source. However I do intend to allow others to hop on and pitch in, although I'll only be whitelisting a few people. Eventually I do plan to make it open source, and all the assets and project files made for it will be publicly released when that time comes. For now I'm trying to keep myself involved as a personal challenge to improve my skills. If however I cease development entirely or wish to fully withdraw from it, I'll release all files related to the project for those in the community to pick up and resume. This along with the project map is to ensure that nobody feels the project is dead or in any uncertain terms think that progress is not being made. The project won't fall off and vanish because of this as even if I for some reason stop working on it, the progress made won't be lost.

Q: How much of the project will be custom-made? Will you be ripping or using any assets from the original game?
A: All assets used in the Multi-Redux project will be made from scratch using the original game's content as a reference only. Nothing, be it textures or sound effects and voices, will be ripped from the original game. This is partly to avoid issues with Intellectual Property Infringement as well as giving me more to draw experience from. Don't expect professional quality results as I'm merely a hobbyist, but with time I should improve.

Q: Do you plan on making the story-line / singleplayer portion?
A: No. This is strictly a remake of the multiplayer. Perhaps some expansion content will reference stuff found in the singleplayer, but there will be no outright recreation of the original adventure with Conker.

Q: Are there plans to improving the graphics or making a "remaster" rather than just a faithful port?
A: Improved graphics such as better models, animations, textures, etc are all possible as Expansion content that can be toggled off if there's demand for it, but the aim of this project isn't to remaster with better quality visuals and instead a focus on adherence to what was already there and having optionally-enabled extra content.

Q: Do you intend to remake Live and Reloaded's multiplayer in any way?
A: As Expansion content, yes it could very well be done if the demand is there. The intricacies of that would have to be discussed heavily with others who would like to see it done right but I can see it being possible. Live and Reloaded had a much more developed War mode compared to the original and it's a lot of fun in its own way, but if people want a faithful recreate of that then I'm afraid this won't be it for them. The best I can see is a game mode geared towards retro-verting the map designs and game-play elements of it but keep the original game's look and general feel. Doing much more than that would likely be better served as its own entirely separate project.

Q: Is there anything planned to be omitted or changed from the original?
A: Yes. While it would be nice to do a 1:1 recreate, I've unfortunately had to make the decision to omit and alter certain aspects to avoid the project ever being taken down or hit legal troubles. In short, I'm avoiding the use of Conker ( character ) and anything that mentions him, and I'm omitting recreating any company logos or trademarks whether it be used in a splashscreen or elsewhere.

See this post for a list of changes: Reddit.com

I'd like to point out that I'm aware of the "Bad Fur Day Remake" project by Packer. I've followed his work for many years and his project at face value seems very similar to what I'm going for. However there are some major differences in what we want and how we'll get there. If you've read up to this point but are unaware of his work, go check out that project page to understand the differences. I have no intention to undermine his work. Sadly he has discontinued work on the project, but I'm hoping this project can fill that void and complete the mission he set out for over ten years ago.

I made a discord server and sub-reddit for the project. Day-to-day updates are much easier to post there and we can all keep in touch.

Subscribe to the sub-reddit!

Join the Discord!

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Vault Map Completed


Finished the Vault map and have imported and lit it in Unity. Some tweaking will be needed to lighting and textures in the future but it's in a completed state and I want to focus on getting the weasel character controllable and some actual gameplay going.

Vault Stairs/Ramps Completed

Vault Stairs/Ramps Completed


The stairs on each color team's side are now fully textured.

Weapons and Sprites for Heist Completed

Weapons and Sprites for Heist Completed


All the weapons and sprites used for the heist game mode are completed. Weapons include the Baseball Bat, Knives, Tommy Gun, Bazooka, Bombs, Sniper Rifle...

Vault map's texturing progress

Vault map's texturing progress


Progress has been made to the Vault map's texturing. Now Red and Blue's spawn areas are more or less finished minus some grunge decals and some polish...

Vault map modeled

Vault map modeled


Vault map is modeled and is now being textured. Fly-through recordings of the map not textured and uv-unwrapped.


Sounds like a good idea, but I also would like to have to live and reloaded multiplayer mode too alongside the other game modes, Also these screenshots look like nothing more than a mere teaser of whats to come from this project, N64 graphics is not always going to cut it for some people who indeed want a remastered version of the multiplayer game from redone graphics to remade maps.

Like crash and Spyro played its cards right when it comes to remastering, but wasn't afraid to add something new to the game to stay fresh and not just be a copy or remaster of the same game.

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Ninjaboi8175 Creator

I agree that Live and Reloaded had a superior War mode and the main game and graphics were much better because of the Xbox's power vs the N64. I'm certainly not aiming for a remaster as that usually entails making notable direct improvements to the visuals, which a good chunk of this is aiming to retain the original look and feel the N64 version had.

I could see a "Live and Reloaded 'War'" game mode being implemented as part of the Expansion phase of this project. That actually sounds like it'd be fun to do! However given your latter statement about some people might not like the adherence to the original style that could spell trouble as if I remade that War mode but with the N64-style look then I'll likely not be appealing to people who wanted equal or better visuals than what Live and Reloaded had.

Can you suggest any way this could work out? Keeping the original looks is my initial intention so introducing a game mode from the remake but retro-porting/downgrading it visually might be seen as a poor choice.

Edit: Should also state that having revamped maps and even graphic overhauls is very possible for this project but they have to be able to be toggled off by default like what I intend to do with all other Expansion content ( i.e. any content that wasn't strictly in the original game ). So if having more modes, revamped maps, and better graphics is on your wish-list for the project I can say they'd be possible under that situation.

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Conkers live and uncut that was unveiled during E3 2003 before become live and reloaded is pretty much a good example where the graphics are more of an updated but the character designs are faithfully the same as conker bfd.

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