Immerse yourself in the beautifully recreated golden age of Hellenic city-states. Builders of Greece is a city management game which lets you display your strategic and economic mastery.

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As we all know, old-school games from the History Citibuilders genre, even though so many years have passed since their releases, are still immensely popular among players all over the world. Apparently stepping into the boots of the great rulers of ancient civilizations is the kind of entertainment that we are looking for and to which we are happy to return. When we started our work on Builders of Greece, we were aware that the potential fan base would be very wide (which is awesome!), but at the same time, we realized that it would be quite demanding and expecting nothing more than a great, extensive game that matches the mentioned old-school titles.

Builders of Greece - great Polis

We are also fans of Citibuilders games ourselves, so our approach to Builders of Greece is based on our experience and on innovative ideas that will eventually be included in the game. Speaking of which... it's time to take a closer look at the gameplay, features, mechanics, and overall vibe of our title!

Graphics and the authentic atmosphere of ancient Greece

When we think about the climate of ancient Greece, we naturally think of the foamy, undulating sea, stone slopes, cliffs, and sun-bathed highlands. We have to admit that reflecting such wonderful, breathtaking views is a real challenge. We focused on creating a realistic graphic full of strong colors, which you can see in the screenshots below. Our graphic designers are still hard at work on light reflections, shadows, details of environmental elements and dozens of other pieces that together form a beautiful, realistic whole. We wanted the player to feel the warmth of the sun reflected by the red tiles of the buildings, the breeze of the sea chased by the wind, and the rustle of trees in his wonderful Polis. We hope to meet this challenge!

City Streets

Now that we have used a very important phrase for the first time - Polis - the time has come to say more about the very goal of the game. Our goal was to give players as much freedom and decision-making as possible when building their own ancient city. If he wishes so, he can become the governor of a small, provincial town... or a ruler of the huge, powerful city-state. It is up to you to decide whether you will become a self-sufficient settlement producing varieties of goods, or rather a well-known producer of niche products, which will later find their way to trade routes all over the country. We will tell you more about the individual management mechanics below, but we are sure that you get the idea.

Basic mechanics and features of the game

In order to be able to talk about a city at all, first you have to erect some buildings in it. And oh my, do we have great news for you! In Builders of Greece, we put at your disposal dozens of varied buildings, which differ in terms of cost, size, demand for raw materials, goods or services they produce, the number of employees required and... it's just difficult to list them all. There are all kinds of houses, administrative institutions, farms, temples, water pumps, lumber mills, mines, workshops, palaces, and many, many others. Suffice it to say, the choice is just huge and it will take you quite a long time to put all the buildings in your polis! You must also remember that all buildings are in some way related to each other - the mill will not work without grain, the lampmaker's hut won't work without olive oil etc. Only wise and thoughtful actions will make the buildings in your city work efficiently and without any obstacles.

Distant view - Greek City

However, the buildings themselves are not enough. Your Polis is as strong as its citizens are. It will certainly come as no surprise when we say that your subjects have their needs and requirements that must be met. Social satisfaction is a very important element of a successful city and will make new residents want to settle there.

On the other hand, a disgruntled mob can go on strike, leave the town, or even set fire to some buildings! Now that we know the different effects of keeping citizens happy (or unhappy!), let's figure out how to satisfy their needs. Starting with the basics - the main needs of the population will be to satisfy their hunger and thirst. As your Polis grows, some residents will start demanding more exclusive goods, better food, access to entertainment, a quiet neighborhood, or meeting their other demands. Safety, the right number of jobs available, and the beauty of the city are also important! Not to mention the amount of "beloved" taxes…

Greek city

The world of Builders of Greece is not limited to your city, however. Ancient Greece is also inhabited by other forces that may be favorable or hostile to your rule. Again, it is entirely up to you how you get along with your neighbors. If you choose the path of peace, you may soon open up many trade routes and gain military or defensive allies. If you choose war - well, you better get ready for a tough challenge. A huge reward in the form of valuable loot awaits! Each of your neighbors has a different attitude towards you, and your actions make them your friends or foes. Choose wisely! Besides, every now and then you will receive a message about a new event or proposal. It could be information about a fire outbreak, an attack by enemy Polis, the start of a religious festival! Speaking of which…

An important part of maintaining the good prosperity of your Polis will be keeping a proper relationship with the gods! The inhabitants of Olympus can be capricious at times, and your success or failure may depend on their attitude towards your reigns. Remember to worship them by making offerings and building magnificent temples to their glory! Dissatisfied gods can unleash natural disasters upon the city… but this coin, of course, has two sides. Satisfied gods will reward you with awesome graces and blessings!

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We are extremely happy to see how quickly our community is growing. To satisfy the curiosity of players, we regularly publish articles about features of Builders of Greece on Steam and our Discord server. We will be very glad if you join us. We love talking to you about your ideas and suggestions - some of them are really great and for sure will find their way into the game! You can become a member of our community by clicking the links below:

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Thank you for staying with us to the end! We believe that together we will create a truly fascinating game that will be a new benchmark of quality in the History Citybuilders genre!

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