Breed is your pleasure, a cutting-edge science-fiction shoot-'em up, which skilfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to expand not only the gameplay potential, but also the player's perceived freedom within the game world. In other words: multiple 3D-Action.

Why are they called Breed?

2602. The new colonies of mankind in the neighbouring Besalius binary star system were caught off-guard by an aggressive attack from a highly belligerent alien race which the Colonists nicknamed The Breed.

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We are currently working and planning for two mods for Breed, namely War40k and G.I. Joe vs Cobra, and possibly a third depending on how work progresses... Consequently we have come to the decision that we shall be accepting applicants if anyone should like to help on one or more of these projects. Bear in mind, the person must have at least *basic* skill in sound/code/2d art/3d art/skinning in order to be considered for acceptance.

If you're a motivated and hardworking individual, and would like to help make these the best possible mods they can be, then please contact me personally with one of the methods listed below...

ICQ 8520735 | AIM Wodan BoW | Yahoo Wodan_Asason | MSN | eMail

Thanks in advance for your interest in our projects, we hope you'll all enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Wodan Asason

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Patch 1

Patch 1


English/German retail patch #1.

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Anyone remember how to hack the Darwin in the demo? I remember piloting the Darwin and fighters in space (in the singleplayer demo) back in the day.

Yes, there are missions in the space in the full game with fighters. I just feel nostalgic about the hacked demo.

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in the first mission, after your dropship has landed, continously shoot at the dropship until health reaches 0. When it starts flying, shoot one more time and dropship will stall below the water. The pilot will drown inside the water in 30 seconds. Make sure dropship is not far away from the island. After the pilot dies, the engines will stop. Move up to cockpit inside water using your healthkits and be quick.
You can also use jump+crouch+jump exploit in demo to jump in air. Jump, then quickly press crouch key, then press jump key in air. You can do that quickly before you land so you can jump in air.

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I thought it was alright, just get someone else to make it. As someone else pointed out they're lazy and ego-centric.
We NEED more games where you can drive a tank into a dropship and insert that tank in someones base, that's just awesome! Maybe even allow you to commandeer a huge freighter and fill it with a bunch of mechs, everyone enters a mech, and when the freighter lands they all move out in groups!
And you can fill the freighter with dropships and fill the dropships with tanks xD
So you can make the freighter hover within the atmosphere, and everyone gears up the dropships, flies out, and swoops down really low to the ground and while they're so close they open the back door and drive the tank out! Then the dropships fly BACK to the freighter to get more tanks :D
Also customization! I wanna build a bunker, place a turret, place in a mini fridge filled with chocolate milk and soda, and a cupboard filled with chips and little debbie treats :D Then plop in a couch and a tv xD
So the turret does all the work x3
THEN someone drops a tank on my bunker and I bail xD

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You just read my thought of this a similar game that should be make out of this game's engine. but with no ridiculous voice acting that doesn't have a good grammar

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I am so massively disappointed in this game!

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Every criticism than CDV was accused of is well earned. They along with the original publisher foisted a completely broken, unfinshed game on a loyal fanbase. They made a smart decision to disband because I know I would've stuck with them to whatever game they were making to make sure to point out to the new fans that the developers were lazy, ego-centric eurotrash who could have cared less about delivering any value to customers. I hope these guys are coding low-end spyware in some eastern european sh*thole cuz thats where they belong.

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I meant to include "Brat" and "CDV" in the above post, not just CDV

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The Game "Breed" Itself Was A Meodicre Unpolished Turd Of A Game.

(By The Game Itself I Mean The Content That Ran Inside The Engine... Storyline/Voice Acting/Missions Ect, You Get the Idea)

But The Mercury Engine Itself That Was Made For The Game Was A Technical Masterpiece, That Has Not Been Surpassed In Some Ways To This Day.

For One The Engine Could Handle You Could Freely Walking Around Inside The Interior Of A Moving Vehicle Without Bumping Around And Dying/Falling Out Through The Walls No Matter It's Speed Or Manouvering.

And I Use The Term "Vehicle" Loosely, The Engine Would Be Able To Handle For Example With Full Interiors A Lorry, An Armored Personell Carrier, A Vacuum Flight Dropship,(A.K.A Aliens And Yes It Could Fly You Out To Space While You Stood In The Loading Bay With A Tank Too If You Liked)
You Could Have An Asteroid Base Hurtling Through Space Tumbling As It Goes And You Could Still Walk Around In It, Or Land A Space Fighter (With Physical Space Inside For 3) If You Were Good Enough.
Flyable/With Walkable Interiors Vacuum/Atmospheric/Or Both Flight Craft, Battleships/Carriers/Destroyers Ect

Whatever You Can Imagine Any Size From A Gunship To A Dreadnought, All With Full Interiors You Could Just Fly/Walk Into And Navigate Around In While They Are On The Move.
(The Real Deal Too, None Of This "Interior Of A Ship Is Actually A Hidden Away Area In The Map With Portals To The Outside")

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And Yes, You "Could" Enter A Planets Atmosphere With A Battleship/Carrier. It Was Demonstrated When Someone Hack Job Edited The Darwin (The Mothership/Carrier Brat Made For The Game To Act As The Players Base)
So You Could Sit At The Helm And Fly The Ship, He Had To Transplant Some Of The Dropship Vehicle Code Into The Darwins Vehicle File To Fill In The Gaps To Make A Working Vehicle. The Ship Could Fly Around In Space, And Could Even Fly Down To The Planets Surface But Was Unable To Land Due To The Ships Massive Weight And Lack Of Atmospheric Lift Made It So You Could Only Stay Airborne By Nosing Up A Lot, Which Made Landing Safely Almost An Impossibility, And No Planetary landings Were Ever Known To Be Achieved, Though Would Be Possible With The Right Flight Model And Some From Of landing Gear)

You Could Have Some Men Walking Around Inside The Back Of An APC, The APC Could Be Driving Around In The Loading Bay Of A Large Dropship And The Dropship Taxiing Onboard A Destroyer On Its Way To The Point It Needs To Be To Be Picked Up By The Launching Mechanisms And Lowered Into The DropBay Airlock To Leave The Ship Aliens Style.

The Engine Could Easily Handle All That. And It Didn't Compromise In The Way Of Graphics Or Physics To Do All That.

If Brat Had Used The Engines Strengths And Concentrated On Making A Land/Sea/Air/Space Multiplayer Game Instead Then The Battlefield Games Would Have Had A Real Contender. No Engine To This Present Day Has Been Shown To Be Capable Of What The Mercury Engine Did With Vehicles And Their Physical Interactions With Personnel And Other Vehicles All Those Years Ago.

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