Breathedge is an ironic outer space survival adventure game. Take on the role of a simple guy who just carried his grandpa's ashes to a galactic funeral and found himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy.

Welcome to Space

A massive space hearse suffers a wreck in the deep space, leaving the area filled with debris, coffins, dead passengers and yourself. Survive in this interstellar dump, uncover a global conspiracy, save the princess and don’t break your fingers while tapping the keyboard as you travel around the world (keeping your display on for full immersion is advised).

More Flotsam and Jetsam!

It took a long time for our ancestors to develop because they had no duct tape. You have it and you know how to use it. With this magical artifact, you can create a vast variety of useless objects and throw them out the airlock! There are also many useful items to be created, but be careful as this may result in completing the game.

Fix and Decorate

When all the people around you just hover around in the vacuum doing nothing but playing dead, various tools and gears will help you become the worst noisy neighbor ever. Create a unique space station, provide it with oxygen and electricity, install all kinds of equipment from solar panels to hamster farm, and turn it into a real bachelor pad by stuffing it with furniture mixed with all kind of junk.

Honk! Honk!

Yes, you heard that right, it’s your own private car horn! Besides that, you can assemble a small rocket, ride the dead or build a large space shuttle. Transportation helps you move faster, evade obstacles and see the death screen after a head-on collision.

Prologue, Epilogue, and Other Nonsense

Surviving in space is fun, and surviving with a story is even more fun because you can just skip it all to annoy the scriptwriters! Breathedge offers you an intriguing plot with lots of dark jokes, cynical dialogues, an immortal chicken, a mad enemy, as well as badly animated cutscenes and other features of an excellent game.

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The only thing worth opening this piece of news is this insane video:

(yes, you really will want to watch it right now!)

C’mon, what could be SO new?

The first chapter’s plot was short!

The new chapters of Breathedge game organically continue the story from the same plot point from which the first one ended. The man faces ye olde space, the same spacesuit, good old survival and many small pieces of the big liner’s “Unnamed” story.

We have 40 000 of words instead of 6 000 now (counted by localization files), 120 places with some debris and stories, a whole galaxy of jokes and gags…

Also, 6 more cutscenes and 530 voiced phrases in the new chapters. The only thing that really worries us are the jokes. Nothing in the world is more helpless and irresponsible than throwing a game designer to the depths of reddit, and I knew that we’d get into the rotten stuff pretty soon.

Ouch... seems like it’s a bit from another trip, isn’t it?

Get your meme generators out!

The world was too small-scaled!

The second and third chapters’ action unfolds in space. The very beginning of the game remains the same, so don’t waste your time seeking for something new on the starting shuttle. Go into the captain’s bridge and explore several cubic kilometers of wreckage, void, and a snooze-fest. What do you expect, it’s space, after all!

There was no craft!

You were promised to have own space stations, and the most persistent players were able to build something like that in the last update. But finally, we’re bringing the ability to craft your very own space station without SMS, prepayment and downloading the constructor.exe. Voila!

There were no rivals!

Space is dead. Ask your Mom or google it. Here in Breathedge we’re trying to make a realistic game, almost documentary, so we cannot add any butterflies or dinosaurs. But our setting is a faraway future, and there can be some robots that survive in the space, waiting for the Man’s scrap to hit them.

By the way, the new chapters are good not only to craft stuff but to learn more about the Chicken’s secrets (yeeeaaah, chickens have their secrets and are protecting them with their life!)

So, you need to buy this game! Really. If you already have it, just transfer a tiny bit more money to developers in every convenient way, for example, by fax.

There we are.

The game:

The great space adventure begins!

The great space adventure begins!


Right now you can master the first chapter of the Breathedge humorous survival game!

The release date of the Breathedge revealed

The release date of the Breathedge revealed

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Very soon, namely on September 13, Breathedge will be available in Early Access on Steam!

New Breathedge video. We explore the  life in space even further!

New Breathedge video. We explore the life in space even further!


Only this time everything is made decent! Following an established tradition, we shot a video dedicated to everyday matters in space. This time there's...

Man and the Stars

Man and the Stars


Breathedge. My chick and I in outer space. It's been a while since the man first got off the ground. Today it's just another daily trip of the humanity...

rburns30066 - - 1 comments

Its a cute game. A little repetitious, and the ending was a let down, but followed the flow of the overall game. Humor in it alone was worth the price!

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Guest - - 693,162 comments

Hey, i got a little problem. I don`t no, waht i do wrong :P, i can talk with the robot in the first time and then i klick tell him my story.. then black screen and nothing move for or back. please help me

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 693,162 comments

Is a console version planned?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mogolshudan - - 5 comments

Охуеваю по Илонмасовски

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
The_Preacher - - 820 comments

What the .... ? A Postal in space ? XD

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