Vann, a modified human bounty hunter operating in the outskirts of space, battles to gather enough resources to survive. With his friend Tyson as the Valour’s captain, they set out to detain criminals for the cash but mostly for the shear enjoyment of wreaking havoc. Bounty Puncher is a Third-Person melee combat and medium range crowd control game. Navigate through enemy spaceships, take out the famed XR series security robots and do whatever it takes to get the bounty. Who better than the exuberant Vann the stampede, armed with the Prism 6.0 stolen from a test lab and an ex-military grade juggernaut hammer fist to get the job done. Use these arms together as an excellent combination of power and finesse to tare through your enemies. Carve a path of destruction through a hoard of robots. Take advantage of slowing and stunning your enemies in their tracks. Decimate your foes with steel shattering punches.

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The action packed 3rd person melee is released to the public for free! Hook up your xBox 360 controller for the best experience (mouse and keyboard also supported) and strap yourself in to be fired out of a rocket!

Axe Fall Studio is proud to present the completion of the game "Bounty Puncher"! It will be available for download on PC. It would make us overjoyed if you all downloaded the game and played it till the end! We want you all to have an enjoyable experience,punching robots, knocking down walls, being fired into a spaceship in a missile pod and enjoying the quirky dialogue and cut scenes throughout the game.

Our team has worked very hard to bring the precious gem to life, not only for ourselves but for other people to experience a different kind of game. A game where you can still beat up robots and
"GET" the girl, but executed in an entirely different manner.

Starting today we are holding a random raffle to win a free T-Shirt with the Bounty Puncher logo on the front and the Axe Fall Studio logo on the back! Go like us on Facebook:

Every person who shares this post on Facebook is automatically entered into the draw to win the free T-Shirt!!!!

We would like to thank everyone involved with the game for their effort and copious hours put into development, internally and externally.

It would do us all a great honor if you gave some feedback for our game, so we can sleep soundly knowing that we contributed to the games community.

Without further ague, GO PUNCH SOME ROBOTS AND

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Bounty Puncher

Bounty Puncher

Full Version

PUNCH A PATH OF DESTRUCTION! Use your left arm equipped with the Prism 6.0 to stun and slow enemies and on your right arm, the juggernaut hammer fist...

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