You run the casino, you handle the drama

Design, build and run the snazziest casino in a bustling world where the sky's the limit.

Work alongside cute animals who are anything but cuddly. Make sure to maximize client and visitor satisfaction while juggling their increasingly complicated demands.

Inspired by the rise of Las Vegas in the 1950s, explore a retro fantasy world and take your place from a small operation to a grand success!

A different kind of casino, filled with personality

Meet the charming personalities of VIP visitors. Connect with them and learn their backstories, needs, goals and desires.

Discover your management style

What type of casino boss are you? Decide how you want to manage your capricious staff and clients, from controlling every detail to have an eagle-eye on every aspect of the business.

Let your employees do their work or directly intervene on the floor. Reprimand drunk customers, kick broken machines to repair them, and make chips rain to see your customers burst with joy!

Live personal stories

Your management style and commercial strategy will trigger different narrative events and it will be up to you to choose how to act. Beware, you may reap more than you sow.

Create and share your content

Pick up Unity and get access to the same tools as the team to create your own custom items, decorations and characters. Share with the community and benefit from what others create to expand the elegant and gleeful world of Blooming Business: Casino.

Key features

• Manage your own casino. From HR to PR, design to operations. You have as much control as you want.

• A gleeful retro world filled with charm and animal characters. Learn more about their personalities, ambitions and keep them happy and productive.

• Interact with multiple factions and keep their hands away from your casino, while making the best deals you can.

• Monitor everyone's specific needs and expectations. If you want to make profit, you will need to make sure that clients are happy!

• Customize and decorate your casino. Invest in new slot machines and decorative items. Optimize the casino design to improve traffic flow.

• Set up the games as you like and manage the House Edge.

• Fully moddable. Design and build your own items, decorations and characters to create an ever-expanding casino universe.

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We're looking for playtesters

Blooming Business: Casino internal playtest: Aug 19th - 23rd

Join our next playtest from Aug 19th to 23rd!

We're organizing a new playtest to test the latest added features! This version of the game will include improvements and corrections based on players feedback collected during the DreamHack beyond event. We'll be make it available for you from the 19th to the 23rd of Aug. After this short period, you won't be able to access the game, until the next playtest (if you are selected then).

Annonce Playtest 03

How to apply?

We're looking for playtesters for our tycoon game with a drama twist! We organize playtest for our upcoming game Blooming Business: Casino at the end of each of our development milestones (every 5 weeks on avg.) to test the latest version of our development build. We send a game key to a randomize selection of our Beta Testers players. The goal is to gather feedback on our latest added content, new features, and overall game improvement.

To apply, complete the submission form here:

20210723163557 1

Then, we encourage you to join our Community Discord server and select the Playtester Applicant role in the Role Assign channel. You will be informed about specific announcements and you will be able to chat with the dev team. Also, you encourage our beta testers to share their thoughts and screenshots in our Playtest dedicated channels (if you're selected then).

Join the Discord here:

Test the latest added features and content!

Since our last update, we've added new features and content to enrich your management experience as a casino owners:

  • Clients Type: From now on, we'll meet a variety of clients type visiting your casino. Clients Types are special customers’ profiles that share common tastes and interests in the your casino. Satisfying a Client Type will be essential to drive your Casino’ growth and reputation over time. You can recognize them thanks to their distinct look.

Photoshop jdmnGJqsGP

  • New area creation: We've heard your feedback, we've changed the way you can build the game areas! You can decide the shape and size of your areas! Who doesn't love freedom? • New decorations: We've added plenty of new decorations in this new build: Brasero, Roman Bench, Hemi-Spherical Chair, Bubble Lamp, Lily Pond, Curtains...
  • New customization items!

Capture 10 08 21 07 02 31

  • Notifications systems: We've added a notification system to guide you through some key game events: Never miss again an important thing happening in your casino thank to our notifications! You'll get notification
    • When a VIP comes in and when a VIP Leaves,
    • When several clients collapse, or fight, you get a notification,
    • When you unlock new totems, you get a notification,

We are excited to gather your thoughts, we want to know what you think about the recent changes and additions to the game! As always, we encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions. It really helps us prioritize our next milestones and focus on developing/improving mechanics and content you want.

Thank you!

Dev update : What to expect in next playtest!? VIPs

Dev update : What to expect in next playtest!? VIPs


Showcasing some of our development progress these past months. We’re welcoming back our 1st VIP Ant’ny Barr, his counterpart Nat Kiddin & new client...

Watch a new commented gameplay trailer for our upcoming tycoon game!

Watch a new commented gameplay trailer for our upcoming tycoon game!


Here is our new commented gameplay trailer for Blooming Business: Casino!

Pre early access dev update

Pre early access dev update


Pre Early-Access Dev Update #8 “Make yourself at home” We were all, both dev & players, really eager to get this update, and here it is! The notorious...

Play our new demo for Games Made in France!

Play our new demo for Games Made in France!


We're really happy to showcase a brand new demo for Blooming Business: Casino with much more content! Try our demo on Steam from the 21st to the 24th...

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