Biosium is a Sci-fi Real Time Strategy set in a war-torn future. Your Species home planet was invaded for it's resources by an alien race that has merged their DNA with the living Element know as Biosium. The Biosium has made the invaders unstable and very aggressive. Create over 15 different ships, So much research i stopped counting 2 months ago, Epic space battles, EXPLOSIONS, Chill music that turns into no so chill music And not much more! Still in early development

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Development on hold

Hello anyone that is interested in this game (probably like 1 person). Development has been put on hold for the last 5 months due to me being broke and needing some funds to continue development (ahhhh yes the life of indie dev). So anyways development should kick off again some time this year after my other smaller project is released. (no announcement yet)

Thanks everyone,

Bailey at Berlersoft

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