Battle for Dune: War of Assassins brings you the experience of the 3 great houses, Atreides, Harkonnen and the Ordos first hand in this Dune First Person Shooter indie game! Drive a Buzzsaw across the wastelands of Gidei Prime, hover across the ice and snow of Draconis 4 in a Laser Tank, pilot a Ornithopter over the grassy plains of Caladan or rush over sand dunes as a Fremen on Arrakis!

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A little introduction! Hi guys, I am the new guy in the town. I recently joined the PR Department for W3D Hub assigned to Battle For Dune, yes that means I will have to answer all the questions you may come up with, while keeping up a lovely smile, isn't that great! 😄 Anyhow, as the new Community Manager for Battle For Dune I will be working on getting news and content you guys to look forward to, every month! So let's get straight to it! - FORCE

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Hi guys, it's been a while for many of you, if not longer since you guys have heard from us at Battle for Dune. To clear the skies of Arrakis, WE ARE STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE!
The team has been non-stop, hard at work ever since our last Update and continue to do so every day. So to thank you guys for your patience and passion not only for the game, but also for the Dune franchise, here is a extra *Spicy* Development Update!

Let's get straight to the Elephant in the room. - TeamWolf

Where have we been, and why?

We seem to really be making a habit of posting something around April and then emerging once again 6 months later, and we apologize for that.

As we are not able to give many more details on that, it as it is. Let's move on, or like the Emperor and the Guild it self always say: THE SPICE MUST FLOW

To fix that, we have been working on restructuring but also on a ton of quality of life and work flow improvements. All with the mind to make sure it won't happen again for both the game, and it's development but also for you guys.

But, we haven't been idle in any either case. We have been working on getting more content in the game and restructuring our first release plans to get a playable version of War of Assassins out to you sooner! More about that later in this update but first, some actual gameplay (Who reads words these days anyway (::::::: )

What have we been working on?

As some of you might of guessed by our trend for the last couple of years for April Fools, Emperor Worm Mode is an official gamemode going into Battle for Dune!

We have been working on getting bug fixes done for the mode, the current map count for it stands at one.

The gameplay we showed in the last Dev Update is gonna be it's core bases, with added structure and refinement. Not only that, we would love to hear what you guys have to add in for Emperor Worm Mode, leave any idea's or suggestions down behind in the comments/replies.

Along side that, we have also been working on our Horde Mode and elements surrounding it. Maps have had additional content added to them, weapon lists used and general ideas have also been played around with to try and achieve the best results. We'll hopefully been working on more for this gametype soon. We'll also be adding Team Death Match!

Check out some multiplayer gameplay of Horde Mode and it's latest build here!

Let us know in the comments what you guys would like to see next!

What is in the future pipeline for BFD and prospects of it?

This is something that has recently been looked at, refined and then completely redone due to the amount of people working on the game, what we want to do with the resources we have currently and how to use them in a more realistic time frame. Our current Pipeline goes as follows:

For context purposes, @TeamWolfhas made a neat looking Roadmap for you guys to hype on about, to give you more insight and info on what is going on and what is yet to come. Feel free to ask in the Comments about it or any specific details, we will try to answer them as clear and detailed as we can.


NOTE: The Roadmap is subject to change (In a good way ;))

What is the planned Release date?

The big question! With how things are going and being worked on, we hopefully should be seeing a release fairly soon. We've been working towards it and getting closer each day but, we need to get some major fixes in. We're also playing around with the approach of Team Death Match mechanics, along with tweaks as mentioned above many other additions that are still no definitive yet.

Can I say when? No, otherwise someone with a big name called a 'A-D-M-I-N' , would get very mad at me ;.;

But I can say for sure that development is going faster and more structured then ever before, and with that said, the First Release of Battle For Dune is getting there.

May Shai-Hulud be in your favor when you wander the Deserts of Dune, stranger.


That's all for now folks, till the next one!


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EDIT: We are aware that BLOG #129 is missing on the IndieDB archive, feel free to check on #129 BLOG and with that Wolf's Aprils Fools joke at:

Sorry for the inconvenience lads.

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Amazing that you are still around :)

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