Set out into the unexplored frontier land of Dorinth and make your name as a member of the Pilgrim's Guild in Autumn's Chorus; an action role playing game filled with interesting choices, exciting combat​, and memorable characters.

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The gate to Dorinth's wild frontier has been flung open, and as a new member of the Pilgrim's Guild it's up to you to explore it.

  • A beautiful painted world awaits you in Autumn's Chorus.
  • Discover ancient Promisiune ruins, delve deep into cursed athenaeums, and rest in unique frontier towns.
  • Uncover the riddle of the fate of the gods that used to rule these lands.

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An acrobatic thief, who slips in and out with the goods unseen, a shrewd diplomat who can speak the language of the beast tribes, or a powerful fighter with the strength to destroy anything standing in their way. No restrictive classes and many ways to tackle any problem you face mean you can build your explorer anyway you like.

  • An intuitive levelling system allows the focus to be on living the adventure, rather than deciding which stat will benefit most from a decision
  • Unique skills such as literacy, languages and cartography let scholarly explorers shine.
  • The entire adventure can be played through without fighting. Escape, negotiation and surrender are all viable options.
  • If you must fight an innovative realtime tactical combat system makes unleashing your weapon of choice a satisfying decision.

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Do you want to be a lunatic conqueror who kills anyone that so much as looks at them funny, or a peacemaker determined to see the new lands and it's creatures treated with respect? Both are possible, along with anything in-between, and a cast of interesting characters will remember every action you take.

  • Defend the innocent, uphold the law, and be charitable. Be a paragon of good in land of mixed morals. Remember though, that a good deed isn't always rewarded.
  • Lie, cheat, steal. Act the absolute villain with everyone you meet. Just know that frontier justice is rampant in Dorinth, and you can't always rely on the law to protect you.
  • Don't do any of that! You're here to explore the frontier after all. Other people's business isn't your problem if you don't want it to be.
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It's nice to use the very first development update on this site announce that Autumn's Chorus is coming to EGX Rezzed 2019! It's my first ever expo and I'm really quite excited about it. You'll find us in the great gallery with all the other unaffiliated indies.

For real those exotic potatoes are really nice tho

Autumn's Chorus now has a Steam page

In another piece of exciting news, the game can now be found on the Steam store. This is a huge milestone in the development process, as it signifies a true commitment to the project.
If you'd like to go and have a look (and maybe wishlist it), you can do so by clicking here.

So then friends, what's new with the game?

Having gotten EGX confirmed, I have been working flat out on getting a demo ready for the expo. This will be the first time I've let the game loose on the public, so I'm taking extra care to make sure everything's perfect.

What's in the demo?

The demo is set in Harold's Wood, one of the earliest areas of the game. You're tasked with breaking into the Dragon Sanctuary in order to gather a very particular fluid: dragon saliva. Playing a roguish sort, you'll be able to sneak or fight your way to your goal using a variety of tools. There's currently five different endings to this scenario (besides being gobbled up by a dragon), and I'm hoping players manage to find each one in the three short days the game will be available.

Will I be able to play it if I don't go to Rezzed?

Yes, absolutely. I'll be planning to release the demo much more publicly some time after Rezzed ends. However I will be taking the time to adjust to player feedback, as well as introduce some systems that won't be ready in time for the event. I'll announce here, my other development update locations and on Twitter / Instagram when the demo is live for the public. So as long as you're following along somewhere, you shouldn't miss it.

So basically, coding and content

I've had a huge focus on tidying up my code and getting a whole load of content added to the game recently. New weapons and armour have been added, along with over twenty new scenes to pick apart and explore.

My favourite new piece of kit is the Blue Steel Tower Shield which, along with letting you really strike a pose, has a chance of reflecting fire damage that hits you.

Additional benefit: makes you ridiculously good looking.

Thanks for reading

I really appreciate your interest in the game, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you want a quick answer the best place to go is either Twitter or the Steam Forums. To get updates as they're posted, join the Pilgrim's Guild by signing up to the mailing list on the main page.

And if you're liking what you see, please do go ahead and wishlist the game on Steam.

Have a great week everyone!

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