Astrov is a (WiP) space combat sim focusing primarily on ship-to-ship dogfighting, taking inspiration from some of the best games of the genre. Take to the stars, earn money, become a legendary pilot and utilize powerful ships, ranging from deadly fighters and bombers to carriers and destroyers as you make your mark in an unforgiving network of worlds outside our own. A playable prototype is available, which both showcases implemented features and is a platform for future dev updates.

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Introducing: Astrov


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Astrov is, simply put, a Work in Progress arcade-style space combat sim that aims to combine the refined combat systems of older, mission-based classics with an explorable world to wreak havoc in.

Do keep in mind that all of this is still in a pre-alpha state and will go through some major improvements over time. M+KB is recommended, as proper controller and HOTAS support is still very limited.
If you experience any bugs or would wish to provide feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I cannot guarantee that everything suggested or reported will immediately be in the next update, but I will keep them noted down for future reference.

Astrov 000000

The story so far...

The Krasnikov Network - a world of star systems connected by space-time bending highways, formed after the introduction of what was then called the K-Drive. Originally the drive’s functions were utilized in large, remote-controlled spacecraft as powerful spears, piercing lightyears of space to create permanent superluminal tunnels. With it, interstellar travel has become a possibility, but with an unexpected side effect: time travel.

What is available:

  • Functional dogfighting module with deadly cannons and missiles, as well as defensive systems such as countermeasure flares
  • Dynamically created space traffic
  • Complete freelance missions and earn money to grow and maintain your fighter fleet
  • Customize your ship's loadout and looks

What I gradually wish to add:

  • Story-driven campaign
  • Side quests - meet the inhabitants of the Network and make both friends and foes
  • Comprehensive research system - influence what weapons or equipment become part of everyday life in the Network and see your contributions affect the world
  • Advanced faction/employment system - work for large space-faring corporations with unique benefits or take riskier, but more rewarding jobs as a freelancer
  • Optional money-making ventures - examples being mining, trading, piracy and more
  • Large capital ships - both commandeerable and encountered throughout the world
  • Comprehensive hull system with destructible subsystems for all ships
  • No DRM, no tiny DLCs, no microtransactions, no BS.

I thank You for taking the time in checking Astrov out. Stay tuned for future updates!

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Astrov 0.1.5b

Astrov 0.1.5b


Astrov prototype version 0.1.5b; Subsystems added to fighters. Simply extract anywhere and play.

Astrov 0.1.4

Astrov 0.1.4


Astrov prototype version 0.1.4; UI changes, Soundtrack added. Simply extract anywhere and play.

Astrov 0.1.2

Astrov 0.1.2


Astrov prototype version 0.1.2; Simply extract anywhere and play.


Will try this :) And i am following now. Probably (most likely) will mention on my "Cockpit Games"(tm) blog :)

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FixEEt Creator

Hey, that would be nice! Thanks for checking it out!

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