Astro Castaway is a adventure game made on the Unity3D engine, it is a Fallout based game with the idea of crafting to progress in your adventure across the stars to different planets, solar systems even galaxies.

here is what we have planned to Castaway as of late:
we want the game to focus around the idea of mining, survivals and adventure. we want the game to feel as vast as we can to encourage people to explore different areas.

you will be able to build better space shuttles, rockets and satellites with each planet you go to, for instance the starting off planet (Close to earth) will have basic materials to go to the next planet and so on and when you get to the last planet in the solar system that has the ability to go to the next one but only to the closest planet but in the solar system where you come from and the last space ship can go to any planet from the solar system in was made in. (Hope that makes sense)

at the moment that's all the information we want to disclose until we have a better idea what we want to do with the other features... but at least this desc was better then the last one

Thanks and keep on being awesome gamers
The Team at EchoInteractive

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Astro Castaway Update 3


Hey guys i hope you've had a fantastic few weeks since i last posted, if your new then welcome.

so i thought i would do an update today to let you guys know what is happening with Castaway.

as you know we have try to publish Castaway on Desura but in the position its in right now it was refereed to as more of a tech-demo rather then a game, which i completely agree on, so unfortunately we have be turned down for the moment but we are keeping them updated on the updates of Castaway so as soon as they are happy for us to be published on the platform then they will let us know and we will be distributing Castaway from there. this wont effect the release of Castaway on the 20th of December that will be uploaded here or if your reading this on Desura then

now to the part were YOU the reader can help the efforts of development, we want Castaway to be how we imagine a game to be but we are also totally open to community ideas, if you go to our main page and read the game description there you will be an idea what Castaway is going to be like so if you want to submit an idea read that and comment on this post with your idea and if we like it, it could be featured in the release at Christmas time, if its Christmas or any other religion celebrating an event at that time of year, it will be only in the update for 2 weeks at least but if you have any ideas to stay in the game then let us know and if your idea is used then we will use your name in the credits of the game, no other benefits will be given if your idea is used JUST your idea and name.

so let us now :D

and now to Youtube, we have a youtube channel called EchoInteractive

we will be uploading DevBlog video there as well as here and on Desura so if you want to subscribe over there then thanks :)

now to the final topic of the night, DevBlogs

if you follow me on twitter (@EchoInteractive) then you will have seen i said there will be a video coming out but we had a problem when i sat down to do the video the feature that i wanted to show didn't want to work so we are finding a fix for that buts its proving to be harder then it should be, but we might have one tomorrow *Looks at clock* 9 hours... then..

we are going to do the video if the feature is working or not but if its not then it will be hidden for surprise purposes, but it should be all fixed for that good ol' Christmas release.

its almost 3am so if there is any spelling mistakes or grammar errors I'm sorry.

Thanks guys your support brings us closer and closer to the release of Castaway
Keep gaming and be awesome

Lead Developer of Astro Castaway
Founder of EchoInteractive

Lead Artist
Co-Founder of EchoInteractive

Director of fun
Co-Founder of EchoInteractive

Astro Castaway Update 2

Astro Castaway Update 2


Another amazing update to Astro Castaway, i just want to tell you guys how be want the game to feel

Astro Castaway Update 1

Astro Castaway Update 1


Some plans for the following months to In-Dev release.

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Astro Castaway "What Was Alpha" *WINDOWS ONLY*

Astro Castaway "What Was Alpha" *WINDOWS ONLY*


This is the first download for Astro Castaway, this download holds our old ideas for the game and we will NOT be continuing with this idea.


I hope this project is not dead.

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Echo.Interactive Creator

Not dead but changed... alot.. Stay Tuned

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Interesting game cant wait until a download pops up!

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