Ash of Gods: The Way is a story-driven game of tactical card combat with constantly changing rules for every fight. Every encounter is a puzzle with original mechanics, scripts and battlefields of different shapes and sizes. Adapt your strategy and change it on the go to win victory on the battlefield… but your choices in the story will also influence the outcome of your quest to prevent a war that would devastate your home and the entire Berkana Kingdom!

Every battle is a new challenge!

Each battle in Ash of Gods: The Way is a carefully crafted test of your skills with different objectives and opponents. Whether you’re capturing checkpoints, defending your commander from a deadly enemy or fighting a series of one on one duels you’ll need all your wits about you to prevail. The outcome of every battle is significant!

Make sure to use every detail of the battlefield to your advantage. You’ll encounter traps which can be a danger or an opportunity depending on your strategy, and power runes which could change the course of a battle entirely!

If your current tactics aren’t working out, just switch out your cards and upgrades to try something different — there’s no penalty for experimentation or changing strategy.

Choose your way

Ash of Gods: The Way is a novel genre mix of RPG style conversations, a collectible card game, and a turn-based tactical battle — your choices in all of these areas will influence the outcome of your story.

You build your deck in Ash of Gods: The Way with a combination of character cards and support cards. Your characters are deployed to the battlefield, while support cards boost your characters or cast powerful spells. Both types of card can be upgraded to become stronger, and characters can even gain brand new skills like cunning counter-attacks or armor smashing strikes.

Each card belongs to one of five distinct factions in the game, all with their own synergies and metagame strengths. Earn new cards by winning battles, buying them, or completing special tasks. You can mix and match faction cards as you wish, or focus on just one — it’s your call — your way.

Interactive story with multiple endings

The story centers on young Finn who is sent on a dangerous mission that could stop a murderous war… but on his journey he'll learn that some of his enemies are quite different from what he’s been told. There will be hard decisions to make and Finn will have to live with the consequences. In addition to the non-linear main plot, told through (fully voice acted) cutscenes and conversations, there are also side quests to explore.

Explore other games in the Ash of Gods universe!

Ash of Gods: The Way is our second game in the Ash of Gods universe — our first game, Ash of Gods: Redemption is a turn-based RPG with tactical combat, CCG elements and a heavily interactive story with major decisions to make which are literally life or death. But even if your leader falls it isn’t the end — the story will continue…

There’s even more to discover on our website! Take a look if you’re interested in games for other platforms. And last but certainly not least, you can join us on Discord for all the latest Ash of Gods updates!

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AoG TheWay V7 4 2108 460

Ash of Gods: The Way, the second game set in the Ash of Gods universe, is out today on PC and Nintendo Switch. While not a full sequel to the successful Ash of Gods: Redemption, it offers a brand new story with many different branches to explore, a new take on the gameplay of turn-based, tactical card games and a vast amount of improvements over its predecessor.

Watch the Ash of Gods: The Way Launch Trailer here:

Ash of Gods: The Way is available for €24.99 / $24.99 / £20.99. The full game features 4 tournaments, 4 playable card decks, 5 total card decks to be used by your opponents and a gripping storyline that is shaped by the choices you make. All of these features add up to shape what we believe to be a greatly replayable experience!

Get Ash of Gods: The Way in the following stores:

Steam Store:

Epic Games Store:

Nintendo Switch:

10% launch discount will be available for the first week following the release. Additionally, a loyalty discount of 10% is available on Steam to anyone who owns Ash of Gods: Redemption.

What to expect from Ash of Gods: The Way

  • Many battles spread across 4 tournaments – every battle is a completely unique and tailor-made challenge of wits and strategy.
  • Putting your skills to the test with Challenger Battles – rematch previously won battles with new mechanics and stronger enemy units, and be handsomely rewarded for a victory!
  • Customize your decks to your liking with unit, item and spell cards from 4 different factions, all with unique playstyles, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Three difficulty modes: Story, Normal and Hard. The Story mode is for those that may struggle with the gameplay and want to focus on the story, while Hard mode is suited for veterans of the strategy, deckbuilding and tactics game genres.
  • A gripping story about war, loyalty and revenge – your choices will shape the road you walk. Explore many different endings and story paths, fully voiced in English.
  • Localization for English, German, French, Spanish (Spain), Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese and Russian.

This package was proven to be a success when the Ash of Gods: The Way Prologue received an astounding
92% positive review score on Steam. Many improvements have been made since, based on the feedback provided by the players.

Further feedback is more than welcome as we always strife to make Ash of Gods: The Way the best it possibly can be. Meet us on the Steam forums or join our Discord server.

Connect with us!

AoG TheWay V7 4 2108 460

Ash of Gods: The Way is on its way to Nintendo Switch

Ash of Gods: The Way is on its way to Nintendo Switch


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Ash of Gods: The Way | Gameplay Trailer

Ash of Gods: The Way | Gameplay Trailer


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god of war runescape?

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Both very good games!

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