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(WARNING: This game has imagery that potentially can trigger seizures for players with photosensitive epilepsy)


One day your roommate Leaves for no reason. You’re left to face the outside world alone, but everything is difficult when you have a disability. Just because you have a disability, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. It just makes even the mundane parts of life, an experience.

"An Aspie Life" is an experimental adventure game that deals with the topic of Asperger's Syndrome. The game is centred around having to live with this disability. The player's actions in the game will have to adapt to how an autistic person sees the world. Every element of this game recreates how people with autism perceive the world. All forms of sound, graphics and interactions are intentional.

How it represents parts of Asperger's Syndrome.
There’s a lot going on in An Aspie life that is meant to make players feel like they are on the spectrum. It’s a little easier in a list:

  • All character in An Aspie Life are black outlines. By doing this, players can’t read body language. Just like with someone with autism.
  • Some characters that the main character knows well, are not black outlines and have some detail. But they are still darkened. This represents how some with autism can learn someone’s body language if they have known them for a long time.
  • In the game, every environmental sound gets represented on the sound sensitivity meter. The player must keep this under control, so the main character does not become overwhelmed. This represents Sound sensitivity in autism.
  • In conversations, the player again can’t read body language, as they are all black outlines. But they must try and figure out how to respond with limited vocabulary. This represents the difficulty Aspies have in putting thoughts into sentences that people can understand.
  • Also in conversations, the player’s feeling meters of stress, happiness, courage and uneasiness will affect how a conversation plays out. For example, not much courage means you can’t look at the other person.
  • To regenerate the feeling meter, players must go into quiet places or do things that the main character enjoys. That being, playing video games.
  • The game’s art style of blue and purple, represent not just the 80/90s feel of the game but also social isolation. Some items in the game that hold great importance to the main character are not in blue/purple but are in full colour, because of how important they are.

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An Aspie Life is now OUT!


An Aspie Life is now OUT! After a year and a half, we are finally here! An Aspie Life is now done… well mostly (still expect support and a bug fix every now and again).


Welcome to the thank yous!

Well, thank you iAwards, ACMI, Young ICT Explorers and the teachers of Mansfield State High School for all the help to get me to where we are Today. Thanks.

Also, thank you, the members of the indie game groups. Again thank you for helping with the development.

I’m not expecting An Aspie Life to be a break out success. It’s not meant to be that, it’s goal is to portray Asperger syndrome. So because people keep saying "thank you for making this game, It means a lot" Then I think it’s successful in its own way.

In term of failures. I’ve learnt a lot from this project. Mainly, work out the UI and controls before the graphics.

Well, where now… I’m going to take a break for a year or 2 while I focus on Uni. That being said I’m going to be still making games… smaller games, going to game jams and learning Unity. plus developing the next game’s story and art… a game set 300 or so years after An Aspie life… But tackles a Sci-Fi topic.

I’ll be posting smaller games here —> Facebook.com

I’ll be posting work of the next game here —> Facebook.com

An Aspie Life will be released on Steam on the 30th of March

An Aspie Life will be released on Steam on the 30th of March


The award-winning game, An Aspie Life will be released on Steam on the 30th of March. 3 days before World Autism Day.

New Update Out and Trailer

New Update Out and Trailer

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Started Uni, so I'm pushed for time. But here is a new update as well as trailer

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An Aspie Life

An Aspie Life


One day your roommate Leaves for no reason. You’re left to face the outside world alone, but everything is difficult when you have a disability. Just...

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