!!! --- On Ice for the sake of our new Porject The Purge --- !!!


"4700th Years ago, when our planet was young therefore Gods and Mysteries ruled the world ...

In those times it has happened, when Archangel Andoran got into a bitter battle with the demon Agrath, and he tethered Agrath with his last strength to our planet.
These commitments are called Diarun's, today , crystal heart, and they shut the power of Agrath.

Andoran died in this battle, but the horrors lived on.

But in these days we hear more and more rumors of a shadow that runs through the woods Idrilien's. And if you're quiet, you can hear at night, suddenly the dull throbbing of the heart's of the wilderness.

It's just a question of time, until the other hearts will wake up again and the muffled beating, will like a drum roll tear apart our earth.

Look, Agrath will awake, it is not inevitable. A new age of terror will begin. The united kingdom of Isildur and the Idriliens are trying to stop this by sending their best warriors in a race against the time to push back the dark voices.

But when the stars ... What? .. What was that? ... Arghh ..
Flee and take that to you, there is soon no more hope."

--- The Last Words of an old Men and the beginning of a War ---

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Prologue Agrath

Andorans life:

Andoran has always looked
on the people who lived on Mars. They were full of Justice at their birth,
and above all they were all innocent. But now they are
different. They think, God and the angels have left them in the lurch.
They don't know what is true and what is not true. They have abandoned the existence of their
Father. Is there really a God?
Andoran: "Yes, my father."
God. The creator of the universe. How could he let our people down.
Now, they are just fools, traitors, liars, murderers, thieves and
Sinners. God hasn't left Mars. He was always among them. Everybody
could forge his own path. They haven't used this right, they have it
exploited. I'm not like my father, who is watching idly, I must
Act, I have to save this Planet !!! It is my fate. I will be up to
my end to fight for the good. Without a fight you can't win anything.
I have to do it. "
And so we knew that God really exists.
The Mars was once a colorful and vivacious Planet. Inhabited by any kind of a creature. The
People however, were the largest population, apart from the creatures that were
created by themselves or the one's they brought through the.
Orcs, demons, Lyaren, faceless Ones, Aramiärer and many other
horrible creatures. That was their mistake. That was their death. Now
Peoples live in danger. Thus passed Andoran to his father to talk to him about the cause of the fight. He wanted to bring justice to the Mars again.

Conversation between God and Andoran:

Andoran: Father, how can you just look idle. Look at your sons on Mars, see what happened to them. They are fools, who only make everything wrong. I need to fight for
justice, So that the Humans can become like they were before. I must Fight, father...
God: My son Andoran, the light does not fight. We only know love.

Andoran: Father! You don't understand my question. We must help these people, otherwise we will lose them. Are you not aware of it?

God: No, my son. For each one is their destiny is forged. The
Devil also has an impact in every life. I however can not help, otherwise I would destroy the others God's.
Andoran: Forget it. I Can't talk with you. I will help these peoples and act against the evil. I will win and destroy them. I am Andoran!
God: Then you're no longer my son. I wont know you anymore. You will be banned from now on as a God and I hope you will learn your lesson from this case. You can not win, I know it. But if you even try...

Andoran: Well, I am banished. I don't care. I will help the humans and save them. I will be their protector. You'll see that you're wrong. I will rescue them of
the disaster and thus prove to you that struggle is the solution for
Justice. If that happened, I will avenge you father.
I'm going to miss a lesson you will never forget.

God: So be it, Andoran.

Andoran was exiled. He helped the people immediately after the exile. He wanted to save them, after all. But ....
He was not the only one who possessed of superhuman strength, and so we come to another big part of our story, Agrath.


Agrath was an evil demon. Inspired by a shadowy and malevolent force. He had only destruction and ruin in his head. One day his father came to him. He brought Agrath
some important news. He was talking about the planet Mars. People had to suffer.
Devil: My son Agrath. You are the strongest and bravest of all my demon forces. Just in this moment an angel has landed on the planet Mars. God has banished him. We must destroy this angel and steal his power. That's the only way we can get to heaven. The war is already under the way, only the path is missing. So I'll tell you my son, kill Andoran, the fallen angel.

Agrath: My father, the devil, I accept your offer. I will destroy this angel, who believes that evil can be conquered within a fight. Even if that fact makes him somehow a part of us.

Devil: You have understood. You must leave immediately. It's about time. He tried to close the doors of Irimaths. Prevent it and destroy him. Bring me his corpse. I put all my trust in you.

Agrath: Thank you, Father. I will not disappoint you.

Agrath knew what his job is. He was determined until his end to this order.
No matter what gets in his way. It was not just an angel, it was about
the honor and for the victory. Each demon of the first generation had honor in the head.
He was ready. He, Agrath was decided, to destroy the Angel Andoran ....

Human legend:

Andoran helped the people.
He destroyed the gates Irimaths. No demons could more attention to Mars.
The triumph of good was there. Andoran enjoyed his victory. He
looked at the sky and said, "Father, even if you are a god, you have
made a mistake". This answered our Lord:"I never made a mistake? You'll see still early
enough that you were wrong. "And so it happened. Agrath appeared on the mars to
destroy Andoran. Andoran on the other hand, saw the situation relaxed. He was
not aware of the power Agrath had. And so it came to a fight. The
Struggle was a matter of life and death. Not the respective lives but the lives of

The Fight:

Andoran: You threaten the mankind in vain, without knowing their protector. Me! I will defend them at all costs. I will fight for what is good and I will also bring
Justice in the life of mankind. You are trying to fight against
the truth. I'm not afraid of demons you scum.

Agrath: I was not aware that the light fights. This is exactly what strengthens me. Your hatred is my strength. You make a mistake like your other brothers. They all wanted to fight and died for
their wishes.

Andoran: I dont care what happend to the other ones. They have acted incorrectly. I'll show you what an angel can do. A demon on the other hand seems ridiculous.

Agrath: You are too arrogant. The weakness of all who want to fight against a stronger one. You
can not win, even if you think so.

Andoran: We'll see what happens. Elegance, Noble,
Justice, truth, strength. That'S the meaning of my name, Andoran. I am not what you expected.

Agrath: Ridiculous. I'm destruction, anger, hatred, evil, murder, sin.

So clashed the swords of Agrath and Andoran against each other. Thus was created a pressure wave that destroyed the surface of Mars. Both of the fighter died in the attempt. No one knows today
where or who they are. The two are considered as a rumor. Nevertheless, we are here. We are on Mars.

Thousands of years later after these events. We live, but how could this be possible, if everything was destroyed? It seems as if we would be living on something Alive...

"The last day of my life I spent by telling a group of five young people, these
Story. What has happened is quite a different story,
which relates to the presence of us all. So we help them all. And so please
help us. "

Character - Classes

Character - Classes

Feature 1 comment

Mhm here i will go a little bit deeper into the Classes thath you can choose between in our game =) if you have idea's for some of them or even a completly...

The Fighting system of Agrath

The Fighting system of Agrath


...The fighting system of Agrath explained..

Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

"4700th Years ago, when our planet was young therefore Gods and Mysteries ruled the world ..."

Earth is almost 4,5 *billion* years old mate >_> Our planet was hardly young 4700 years ago. There are also quite a few grammatical errors, but I simply suggest going through the script 3-6 times before posting it.

It's only for improving the first impression mate, constructive criticism if you will.

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tehReason Creator
tehReason - - 8 comments

Yeah. thank you. I will correct my grammatical problems...

But who said, that we're talking about our planet "earth"...

The Planet of our story is made by a godness and the devil, and something else but i won't tell much more, because the story would be to easy to look through

... we will post every week a new part of the story... in addition, one of my friend is writing a book to our Game and so not everything is totally clear at the moment.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

I did assume you were talking directly to the reader in the first paragraph. This is due to the fact that it was written as such... If you want to present the first paragraph as spoken by the main character (eg: "Our planet is unlike yours, yadda yadda" ) then use quotation marks and tell it from his perspective. You can also choose to make it as a sort of prologue - A book, for example, could go "4700 years ago, when our planet was young .. yadda yadda" ~ 7th book of creation (to make it sound like it's a part of something bigger!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cybio - - 1,010 comments

It just sounds like you mean "our" earth ;-)

Btw tracking :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
tehReason Creator
tehReason - - 8 comments

aahh ein deutscher (wenn ich das richtig gesehn hab):D schön das es dir gefällt, mein einzigstes Problem ist nur das wir momentam an dem Projekt nur zu 2t arbeiten^^

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Cybio - - 1,010 comments

Jop :)

Das ist schade, aber ich denke mal, dass du Leute finden wirst, die euch helfen werden ;-)

Hast du schon über Moddb / IndieDB versucht, neue Mitglieder anzuwerben ? :)
Ansonsten zeichnet euch einfach mit Qualität aus (Präsentation ist alles :D), dann kommen potentielle Teammember schon fast von alleine ;)

Schlecht wäre es wohl auch nicht, "Fail-Productions" für alle sichtbar zu machen :)

Vllt. findest du auch in dieser Gruppe ( Moddb.com ) Mitstreiter ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
tehReason Creator
tehReason - - 8 comments

Cool danke für den Tipp muss ma schauen, kann man hier auch sonst irgendwie unter den einstellungen leute anwerben oder so? weißt du da was :D ?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Cybio - - 1,010 comments

Klar, das kann man machen (siehe auch oben rechts in der Leiste die Kategorie "Jobs"), aber da ich bisher an keiner Mod wirklich 100% aktiv mitwirke, habe ich leider keine Ahnung wie ;(

Frag einfach mal in der Gruppe "Germany" oder sonst einfach im Forum nach, bin mir nicht ganz sicher, aber ich glaube es gibt auch Tutorials für Moddb auf der Moddb-Gruppenseite ;)

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AtotheB - - 5 comments

Wow, the story is very nice. The Game seems to become good. Nice game.

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